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ARRR! Mobile by Mind Map: ARRR! Mobile

1. problem

1.1. We pay for things we don't use

1.1.1. text messaging

1.1.2. Phonecalls

1.1.3. We only use data!

1.2. Frustration

1.2.1. Limitations

1.2.2. Packages

1.2.3. Lack of transparency

1.3. WiFi vs. Mobile

1.3.1. Which problem do we solve?

1.3.2. When there's no WiFi, where do I get my internet

2. solution

2.1. Data everywhere, all the time

2.1.1. limited

2.1.2. unlimited

2.1.3. or: Interaction everywhere, all the time

2.2. Ask the customers

2.2.1. ask around the room

2.2.2. what do customers want for mobile data

2.2.3. New node

2.3. Ideas

2.3.1. Get back the money for what you didn't use You used 15 out of 20 euros Get back 5 euros (as a coupon or physically) OR share that 5 euros with someone else.

2.3.2. What do we like? honest prices no hassle only relevant options the right amount options crystal clear, transparency customer focused think ARRR think like a pirate social interactive connect with your people be reasonable share the wealth share the bandwith unlimited sim-cards no packages pay as you go It's all data Understand it instantly New node

3. Investors

3.1. "I didn't understand the difference between sim-only and normal contract. Complicated"

3.2. "You're very optimistic about the cost of marketing, the cost of it all!"

3.3. "Find proof of that people think that this is a real solution to a real problem."

3.4. "Give me an estimation of the auction value"

3.5. Think Linux

3.5.1. Open Source

3.5.2. Create a pre-auction

3.5.3. Students, friends, family, etc.

3.5.4. Build an audience and investors will come

3.6. What investors want to know

3.6.1. Business domain ARRR Bestaansrecht Customer Customer value Competitors You've got moving competitors, they've got money to move.

3.6.2. Business Case Goals / targets Strategy Conditions What do you need to execute your strategy What does it cost? Finance needs What's YOUR value in this? Proposition What do you need from me? What is the ROI?

4. Story

4.1. Vincent van Leeuwen

4.1.1. We might need prepaid calling next to limitless internet

4.1.2. how much do we need for a frequency for a sattelite

4.1.3. Gamechanger

4.1.4. Talk to Youp van 't Hek as ambassador

4.1.5. Examples Route mobiel vs. ANWB Tango vs. Shell, Texaco, etc. Bank simple

4.1.6. Be Robin Hood Bij alle TV programma's Ask some questions What's wrong with your current provider? Donate This way you validate unrest / frustration

4.2. Pauline Schule

4.2.1. Sympathy The people vs big corporations We represent the customer (at the auction)

4.2.2. Authenticity

4.2.3. What can an individual do?

4.2.4. We all need love & attention

4.2.5. Tease the sense of longing

4.2.6. Durable provider (MVO)

4.2.7. Countdown Something like kickstarter?

4.2.8. Examples "Happy Energy" - Wubbo (Ockels) The zero point field

5. Situation

5.1. mobile business

5.1.1. Structure MO Mobile Operator (owner of the network) MVNE Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (network operator) Narrowminds, Elephant Talk, 6G, Aspider MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator (branding, adding supplemental value) AH, Hollands Nieuwe, Simpel, Ben, Kruidvat Consumer The victim of all above system's businessbullshit

5.1.2. examples Blyk Giffgaff Mobile Vikings

5.2. auction

5.2.1. We'll need billions of dollars And then infrastructure and marketing and everything

5.2.2. Big competition Ziggo / UPC Tele2 They might have a direct contract with T-mobile already

5.3. audience

5.3.1. 51% Dutch mobile web consumers 75% Youth 50% raise over previous year

5.3.2. 6,5MM mobile internet users average 150MB/month (1000 TB total)

6. Nieke Hummel & Hans Eilering

6.1. Jullie willen een blue ocean creëren

6.2. Ik kan nu toch ook ongelimiteerd internet afsluiten bij Vodafone?

6.2.1. Niet dus, alleen voor heel veel geld.


6.3.1. "We richten onze eigen provider op" Een nieuwe vorm van telcobusiness eigentijdse telco Het hebben van toegang tot mobiele data is een grondrecht

6.3.2. Faciliteer jongeren hun eigen telco op te richten

6.3.3. We willen mensen bereiken, aan ons binden

6.3.4. doneer 100 euro

6.3.5. En je hebt een beweging vijf jaar lang achter je staan

6.3.6. richt je op jongeren en haal 100 miljoen euro op Samen slaan we een deuk in het pak telcoboter!

6.3.7. Data vs Water

6.3.8. Hoe bereik je ze

6.4. We gaan er vanuit dat het mogelijk is om die nieuwe positie te claimen naast de big 3.

6.4.1. De ether is een schaars goed, dus heel veel geld waard.

6.5. De oude bron van inkomsten verdwijnt (tikken & SMS), waardoor de druk om te veranderen stijgt

6.5.1. VOIP als alternatief voor gewoon bellen

6.5.2. Whatsapp als vervanger van SMS

6.6. Waar gaan we onze investering aan terugverdienen?

6.6.1. Een GB kost in principe 1 euro

6.6.2. New node

6.7. Beginnen met vragen

6.7.1. Youth Marketeers Jeugddatabase waar snel antwoorden uitkomen

6.7.2. Kijk naar het medialandschap 538 Vindt partners met overlappende doelgroep Grenzen vervagen

7. Doelgroep

7.1. Datagebruikers

7.1.1. Jeugd