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European Nations Settle North America by Mind Map: European Nations Settle North
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European Nations Settle North America

The Struggle for North America

The English Oust the Dutch

English King Charles II approves to allow Duke of York to drive the Dutch out of New Netherland. No violence ensued after the Dutch surrendered.

England Battles France

French and Indian War sparks dispute between France and England over colonial lands and gained control of the eastern half of North America.

The English Arrive in North America

Settlement of Jamestown

Jamestown was a disasterous colony where 7/10 people died. Eventually, they take a foothold and begin to prosper.

Puritans create a "New England"

Pilgrims found Plymouth in search of religious freedom and tolerance.

The Dutch Found New Netherland

Dutch colonists settled in present-day New York and established successful fur trading posts along the waterways.

Colonizing the Carribean

European nations built massive plantations on the islands they colonized. These plantaions proved to be profitable, but a a high maintanence, labor, and running costs.

Native Americans Respond

A Strained Relationship

Dutch settlers fought Native American tribes over land claims and trading rights

Settlers and Native Americans Battle

Powhatan indians attacked villages around Jamestown killing 350 colonists

Indians fall to disease

the population of indians in Massachusetts dropped from 24,000 to 750 in 1616 from smallpox and measles

Competing claims in North America

Explorers Establish New France

in 1608 Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec with 32 other colonists it became the base of France's empire called New France

A Trading Empire

by 1760 New France had only 65,000 people. they focoused on making money on their land, not conquering more.