The year of dressing formally

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The year of dressing formally by Mind Map: The year of dressing formally

1. How a professor dresses can alter their lifestyle as well their professional experiences.

2. Male professors attire

2.1. Television

2.1.1. Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on cable.

2.2. Books

2.2.1. Colin McDowell's The Man of Fashion

2.2.2. Gentleman Gets Dressed Up, by Bryan Curtis and John Bridges

2.2.3. The Metrosexual Guide to Style: A Handbook for the Modern Man "avoid ridicule" and "dress your age."

2.2.4. Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion focuses less on grooming than on well-made, luxurious clothing

2.2.5. Alan J. Flusser's Dressing the Man(WINNER) detailed chapters on the enements of wardrobe

2.3. Internet

2.3.1. (Blog) "The Fashionable Academic

3. Attire and its effects

3.1. Built up confidence

3.2. Students respect teacher more

3.3. classes run smoother than usual

3.4. Back to casual attire

3.4.1. caused students to open up more.