Ideas to peruse?

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Ideas to peruse? by Mind Map: Ideas to peruse?

1. wallpaper

1.1. paint yellow and stencil/ draw in all my designs- have a whole roll coming down from wall onto floor and draped over something

1.1.1. could engrave?

1.2. hire out project space

1.3. orr in architecture print a wallpaper- small images- unfolding of intimate encounter with drawing (keep some images small?)

2. Photo transfer onto tiles/ found wood

2.1. ask taya for her stuff

2.2. get tiles from back garden to experiment on

2.3. buy tiles from wikes

2.4. move around to give glitch effect

2.5. art of kintsugi - paint on tile, drop on floor fill in gaps with gold

2.5.1. could also do with broken found objecrs

2.6. simillar to how layed out black 1st edition drawings- veiw from above

2.7. get image want- measure out sizes- ask go cut at wood- go do paint black then stick drawings on

3. stencils

3.1. buy new spray paint- do some more sprays on coloured card

3.2. spay some of designs, try overlapping colours etc

3.3. cut some designs know will work eg yellow drawing

3.4. think about tonal drawings, shading etc

3.5. cut other designs out of cardboard

3.6. make a whole wall of card/wood panels

3.7. try engraving

3.8. embossing?

3.9. does the lazer cutter take away the handmade? how can i get this back? - metal

3.10. make more 3d, layers. black white grey etc- background black, image cut out grey all need is highlights- WORK ON THIS- three layers to image.

3.11. see if images work next to each other- stick together??- ps

3.12. try positive, negative and engraving- try pattern

3.12.1. squiggly wood then engrave

3.12.2. AK GIRL IN stude what plastic she used and how much

3.13. make a stand and take out of stude on grass- more similar body designs

4. film

4.1. karma sultra poses

4.2. couple poses

4.3. only as body refernce- have own drawings but edit- horns, worms, no eyes, head open

4.4. two ppl reaching out for each other

4.5. film in bed- cushions

4.5.1. and at home? maby the background is important too

4.6. doing actions- act of undressing/ dress

4.6.1. bring it back to self, personnal

4.7. animate charatcers- moving in and out

4.8. hands- positions- not whole body parts.

4.9. same footage re-edited to tell a dif story each time

4.10. have lights hired- take photos of my work

4.11. nath take the pics of me- close ups

5. drawings/paintings

5.1. redo some of ripped drawings larger scale

5.2. buy cardboard/ massive peices mdf- mural

5.2.1. and for drawings- less throwaway

5.3. TALK WORKSHOPS about making large design- try and sort out on ps file

5.4. print some out on fri large scale

5.5. more paintings- inside and outside lines- blocks of colour- abstracting the image

5.5.1. like first year work

5.6. want to keep drawing nature of my work still. big drawings using inks/ precise nibs etc

5.7. some streached over corners like my roman prints- use mdf wood - exaggerate some of the lines onto wall?

5.8. do drawings on floor- drip paint and ink onto outline

5.9. `tie my landscape images with my drawings somehow?

5.10. faces- in work/ demons- fantasy

5.11. neon

5.12. moon in a cage naked females chained down to ground yearning and reaching for it

5.13. like last year with rope and the string and the leaves and blood- go back to this for inspo

5.14. wood- carve some shapes and paint onto

5.15. build a structure

5.16. like tattooist lin- take areas away with rubber

5.17. focus on expression of drawing, intracy.

5.18. draw onto brown paper- cruple up and tie back with sring

5.19. circle frame, or wiggly- see drawings

5.20. best work gone through stages anstraction- add more processes -

5.20.1. print out images and draw over

5.21. nothing profound about the body- forms craeted. see what else i can draw over

5.22. bigger draeings!

5.23. buy more shiny black material- bigger?

5.24. think adding lines like phone case for shading

5.25. want lines look less squr off- recale image before draw- get right pen thickness

5.26. predator

5.27. think about background- bring back to nature?

5.28. really cut up and edit images- arms coming from no where

5.29. re do some of tacyer drawings- of hand draw some sucessful dig ones

5.29.1. mount some work? -- sew the ripps with gold thread

5.30. need own drawing style- look at insta artists

5.30.1. simplify designs down to more freehand squggle- alpahbet

5.31. fragmented bodies-

5.32. idea of possession

5.32.1. bodies/ things/ art paint onto walls and floors- cant buy just take away experience

5.33. cage idea- last yrs work

5.34. paint- one where draweings come off edge eg roman painting-

5.34.1. fill in gape

5.34.2. redraw nath yellow

5.35. karma sulta- anti sex poses

5.36. photo of me no eyes sitting on dolls house

5.37. get images from holiday- fraw over- patterns objects

5.38. do more drawings romans

5.39. more overlap drawinmgs-- project and see what happens

5.40. glitch art- half finished/ damaged- sections block out - orange

5.40.1. like greek and roman sculpture

5.41. drawing coming off paper onto wall

5.42. redo purple one

6. Research

6.1. collect catalouge of artists

6.2. COLLECT TEXT and try and do something with it

6.2.1. typologies, collexct text- same words or theme or something

6.3. watch more spooky films

6.4. screenshots phone notes/ insta artists

6.5. film stills

6.6. look at more artists who draw

6.7. monsters devils spirits?- GO OVER OF MONSTERS AND men reasrach


6.8.1. tell a story- eg zooming in of a particular body part, movement, tell a story with the images on wall- hieroglifics/ cave paintings - cou;d do this how arrange work in tick space

6.8.2. girl red hair


6.9.1. could i draw with latex?

6.10. patterns

6.11. art moving around you like when your in a car

6.11.1. intimate veiwing experience

6.12. REAAALLYY sort important ideas - examiners clear my interstes repetition, artissts, streetart/stockholm

6.13. bodied and embodied experience- without using body- neg spacee

6.13.1. possession of bodies and art- mural

6.14. witches podcast

6.15. space talk notes/artists on phone

6.16. get photos off phone- in a folder- and text in powerpointt

6.17. call me by your name soundtrack

6.18. collections- buissness cards-

6.19. look into idea of a soul

6.20. go to museums- objects that intrest me

6.21. more stories- songs/books - myths, tales

6.22. erotica artists insta

6.22.1. material- shiny material card- buy some and do some prints in it

7. hire tick space

7.1. put music on and just paint - refernce images but no tracing of lines- more fluid and emotional - markmaking, gesture,

7.1.1. narravtive to a song wolf women stories

7.2. paint a mural

7.2.1. large black background- project some images

7.3. make floor plan. think about how art will work on walls etc (also could do in project space)

7.4. carry notes - write internal dialougue/visual diary

7.5. what are the possibilities for images and ther relationship with space

7.6. stockholm art

7.7. spaces of experience-

7.8. project space- currating

7.9. roll of wallpaper along all walls - draw.

8. visual language

8.1. language and gesture of drawing as a bodily expression

8.2. use of line important

8.3. cut up areas of some of dig prints and see how interact another

8.4. expanding the frame in drawing- going beyond the surface

8.5. we know no other home- look at visual language- shells- alphabet

8.6. more personal, my experiences growing up, sex, insecurity, spirituality - searching for a narative- narrative is in my expereinces- bring this to light

8.7. create my own alphabet- secret messgae- see old notes..-- 26 designs for an alphabet

9. metal

9.1. make a frame/ cage

9.2. moving water- designs as a shape of a maze for the water to walk through-

9.2.1. shape of design as overhead veiw of sculpture- 1st yr studios- too busy in there

9.3. play with projections- lliked how reflected in the door sign

9.4. huge frame that can put up in the space - hold my work over- make massive pattern- try with wallpaper first- spilling out across whole floor- what pattern??

10. ceramics

10.1. paint onto plates, talk to catherine about cermaics with my work

11. what do i want my veiwers to experience

11.1. in tick space- hire out gels, ask about fog machine

11.1.1. glass/projections massive peice perspex project transparecy element in work- perspex can i project onto water?

11.1.2. floor- texture- sand? - red liquid

11.1.3. art swelling gettng bigegr moving canvas- paper that rtates on wall in loop massive scroll that changes from one wall to another- luminos paint changes when light flashes- goes forwards and backwards- tells two stories

11.2. do i want them to sit and relax

11.3. think about space

11.3.1. could get second hand furniture- ask guy in art pick up- paint over- continue line across wall- have furniture same colour eg yellow and lines covering some of it

11.3.2. cover walls and floor in some kind of plastic sheet- coloured- semi transparent polyester?

11.4. dreamscape?

11.4.1. artificial atmosphere

11.5. cave paintings- experience of being

12. draw with wire/ wool/ metal?

12.1. hot glue gun on plastic that melts

13. sound

13.1. record peices of text, things ppl have said- warp it

13.2. same approach with sound that i do with images- spoken word in reverse

13.3. hum of people then eveaporates into one peice of text- like when you walk into pub

14. degree show room ideas?

14.1. joint space but space inside a space- box off my own area?

14.2. who am i making work for and what do i have to offer them

14.3. blacked out room- like being in a cave- sound of a heartbeat and breathing- alter your perception

14.4. do i want texxt pannels?

14.5. juxtaposition with others work

14.6. matresses/sheets cushions everywhere

14.7. sand/ water as floor

15. instillation

15.1. make a machette of a room plan designs out

15.2. cheap material that coulf cover whole room

15.3. connections between objects - little smaller things resting large painting etc

15.4. massiev sheet hanging - walk past moves

15.5. large freestanding drawing in middle of room- wood/ metal- walk around/ through it- still intricate

15.5.1. paintits shadows

15.5.2. need to be foldable- what to do with it after uni

15.6. screen?

15.7. talk to technicians

15.8. pannels wood metal covering a wall- metal line/ plastic covered wire\?

15.9. circle structure covering whole room walk through to reach spiraal in the middle

15.10. expanding the frame display stratagies

15.10.1. HOW TO show embodied expereince

15.10.2. think about space audience and experience

15.10.3. break down barriers between art and veriwr

15.10.4. touch??

15.10.5. create personal encounter with work

15.11. cover whole room yellow pannels- dif stencil drawing on each - colcers whol ewall- idea of multiple of the same thing- repeating

15.11.1. could also do the same thing was gonna do with tiles- try with a4 paper first

15.12. how can my work be more interactive

15.13. create a publication- look through and see all images- maby some cushions to sit and table for drinks

15.13.1. book of evaporated thoughts

15.13.2. like the idea of collecting something eg all the descriptions for art/ things same name- put in book

16. text- gather all collected-

16.1. get peice up and respond to it visually

16.2. like how artwork is described- use contradicting statements in my work - toy with this

16.3. blurring text within itself- redifinying relationship with image-

17. sculptural

17.1. play around with drawings- think of them with a sculptural desire

17.1.1. make a frame have the line coming off the frame

17.2. look at fabrics

18. backlit peices

18.1. - print huge- could mout on card then lazer cut image with a patter

18.1.1. cut out all black and have transparent black under it try small scale first

18.2. print slide 26- big row pannels

18.3. stained windows, trancparcy, - resin

18.4. black line like stained glass- use transparenbt plastic- draw line paint- dont make too stained glassy

19. huge hot glue sculpture on grease proof paper