IT Governance: What's it REALLY All About?

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IT Governance: What's it REALLY All About? by Mind Map: IT Governance: What's it REALLY All About?

1. IT Challenges

1.1. Keeping IT Running

1.1.1. Significant problem may arise due to technical failures. Organizations needs to guarante the continuity of IT services

1.2. value

1.2.1. Organizations needs to identify the right IT project Strategic

1.3. Costs

1.3.1. Organizations needs to manage IT cost carefully Require Efficient Efective

1.4. Complexity

1.4.1. Organization must be able to handle complexities and avoid excessive costs.

1.5. Compliance

1.5.1. Impact IT system Needs to be aware of national and international legal regulatory

1.6. Security

1.6.1. Organizations needs to anssure adequate security in their IT enviroment. increasing awarnees of managment.

2. Risk managment

2.1. by

2.1.1. Mitigation

2.1.2. Transfer

2.1.3. Acceptance

2.1.4. Avoidance

2.2. requires

2.2.1. Awarness by corporate

2.2.2. Clear understandig

2.2.3. Embedding of risk managment