Dual Language Classrooms

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Dual Language Classrooms by Mind Map: Dual Language Classrooms

1. Head Start and Dual Language

1.1. 1990- Developed Multicultural Principlies

1.2. 1996- Incorporated the Multicultural Principles into the performance standards

1.3. 2005- Head Start held a Expert Work Group on Dual Language Acquisition

2. History

2.1. 1963- 1st Dual Language School

2.2. 1968- Bilingual Education Act passes

2.3. 1974- Lau. vs Nichols ruling

2.4. Started by Cuban Refugees

3. What is a Dual Language Program?

3.1. 2 types

3.1.1. one way program programs as demographic contexts where only one language group is being schooled through their two languages.

3.1.2. two way program programs have the demographics to invite native-English-speaking students to join their bilingual and ELL peers in an integrated bilingual classroom.

3.2. Divisions of language in Dual Language Programs

3.2.1. Division by schedule

3.2.2. Division by instructor

3.3. Cons of Dual Language Programs

3.3.1. lose first language

3.4. Pros of Dual Language Programs

3.4.1. bilingual

3.4.2. bilterate

3.4.3. academic success

4. New node