American Revolution

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American Revolution by Mind Map: American Revolution

1. Acts

1.1. 1766- Stamp Act repealed

1.2. 1773- Boston Tea Party

1.2.1. 1765- Stamp Act

2. War

2.1. 1775- George Washington takes command of the Continental Army.

2.2. 1776- Washington crosses the Delaware River and captured a Hessian force at Trenton, New Jersey

2.2.1. 1781: General Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown

3. Govenment

3.1. First continental congress convenes in Philadelphia

3.1.1. 1776: Declaration of Independence is ratified by the congress

3.2. 1760: King George III becomes the King of Engand

4. Literature

4.1. 1763: Treaty between England and France end the French and Indian War.

4.1.1. 1791: A Bill of Rights passed by the first congress of the U.S. 1783: Treaty of Paris is enforced in the colonies by the British.

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