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Golf by Mind Map: Golf

1. Golf Rules

1.1. Golf has rules like any other sport

1.2. In golf you have rules so no one can cheats

1.3. So you can play right there is rules

2. Golf Attire

2.1. Somethings you can where are polo shirts,shorts,and golf shoes

2.2. If people just wore what they want it wouldn't look nice

2.3. That's why there is a dress code so it looks nice

3. Golf Hitting

3.1. When hitting you have to know how to aim

3.2. You also have to know how hard to hit the ball

3.3. Just remember when aiming you have to aim with your club and your feet

4. It can relive stress

4.1. It can be so quiet it can help you relax

4.2. You can focus in on the game and it is so peaceful

4.3. It can be beautiful with all the nature and trees

5. Making money

5.1. if you win a wgc you can win 1.89 million$

5.2. You can bet money on who will win

5.3. you can bet on who can hit the ball the best