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Blue Print Kajabi Flight Academy by Mind Map: Blue Print Kajabi Flight Academy

1. Mission 1 [Find my Niche]

1.1. what am I already good at and have experience in?

1.2. what would I love to make my business about?

1.3. everything I am really interested in? [tv shows, bands causes, clubs]

1.4. what themes do I see in the answers?

2. Mission 2-6 [Keyword Research and Product Analyzation]

2.1. Use the Google External Keyword Tool to discover search volume for my niche

2.1.1. create a list of 10 keywords

2.2. Market research

2.2.1. search competitor sites review pricing review marketing review site presence review advertising solution they provide what are the common themes among the competitor sites analyze sales pages

2.3. Repeat this mission 5 times

3. Mission 7 [Niche Conclusion & Decision]

3.1. Do Mission 2 five times to compare niche performance

3.2. Ask myself

3.2.1. What is the market potential? (how many people can I reach)

3.2.2. What is the partnership potential?

3.2.3. How can I stand out from your competitors?

3.2.4. What is the income potential? (how much money can I make)

3.3. Select the niche I'll move forward with

4. Mission 8 [Content Research]

4.1. Research forums, blogs and articles in my niche

4.2. Ask myself what problems and/or challenges does my market face?

4.3. Ask myself what solution is my market looking for?

5. Mission 9 [Ask my Potential Customers]

5.1. Survey my customers to find out what they are looking for and ready to buy

6. Mission 10 [Review Sales Pages]

6.1. Research 5 more products in the competitive space

6.2. What is my experience viewing competitor sales pages? (do they make me want to buy)

6.3. What works on competitor sales pages?

6.4. What doesn't work on competitor sales pages?

6.5. Make a bullet point list of pros and cons across all 10 sales pages which includes products found in the product analyzation mission

7. Mission 11-13 [Review Competitor Product]

7.1. Buy three competitor products that seemed to be the most promising

7.2. Review the product thoroughly

7.2.1. In what format was it delivered? (ebook, audio, video files, membership site)

7.2.2. How was the sales process?

7.2.3. Was the follow up email sequence after purchase valuable?

7.2.4. How is the content quality?

7.2.5. How is the presentation?

7.2.6. Make a list of the pros and cons

8. Mission 14 [Product Outline]

8.1. Create a mindmap laying out the break down of your product

8.1.1. is a great mind mapping tool

8.2. Gather all the research information I put together and review it at once; keyword, forum, blog, article, competitive, market, product and sales page research

8.3. Outline my introduction

8.3.1. What topics will I cover in my product?

8.3.2. What problem am I solving?

8.4. Outline my credentials

8.4.1. How can I relate to my audience

8.4.2. What is my personal experience with the problem I am solving?

8.5. Outline my solutions

8.5.1. What solutions am I providing and what result will be achieved?

8.6. Outline my summary

8.6.1. Create an overview of the last three things I outlined

8.7. Outline my closing remarks

8.7.1. How can I encourage?

8.7.2. How can I confirm confidence my product is the way to achieve what my market is looking for?

8.7.3. What bonus can I offer?

8.7.4. What testimonials do I have?

9. Mission 15 [Product Delivery Type]

9.1. After review all the competitive sites what format do I want to use to deliver my product?

9.2. ebook, video, audio, membership site, etc

10. Mission 16 [Easy to Digest Product]

10.1. Decide how I want to split up the information in my product so that it is easy to digest for my customers

10.2. Create an outline for each section

11. Mission 17 [Product Set Up]

11.1. Select the platform you will use to create your product and learn how to set it up

11.1.1. eBook Word to PDF eBook Creation | eBookCake -

11.1.2. Membership Site Membership site tool | Kajabi -

11.1.3. Video and/or Audio Membership site tool | Kajabi -

11.1.4. Teleseminars Teleseminar tool | Instant Teleseminar

11.1.5. Webinars Webinar tool | Meeting Burner

11.1.6. Combination of these Platform that handles Video, eBook, Audio, Membership | Kajabi -

12. Mission 18 [Create Content]

12.1. Write, video shoot or speak your content and then upload it to the respective platform

13. Mission 19 [Create a Funnel]

13.1. Easiest way to create a funnel

13.1.1. Ready to build a real online business Membership site tool | Kajabi -

13.1.2. Fast and dirty way to test an idea Unbounce -

13.2. Create a web page for people to land on when first being introduced to you or your product

13.2.1. This page optimally has an area where the site visitor can capture an email and receive a cool PDF or access to a video

13.3. When using Kajabi you'll need to set up an email list collection system

13.3.1. Email List system | AWeber -

13.3.2. Email List system | Mail Chimp -

14. Mission 20 [Study Types of Funnels]

14.1. Send traffic straight to Sales Page

14.2. Lead Capture page

14.2.1. giveaway a free piece of content

14.3. Free content and then site visitor is able to buy full product via sales page

14.4. Multiple events you create that people want join your mailing list, but can not yet buy your product and then eventually you "open the virtual doors" to sell your product

15. Mission 21 [Mapping My Funnel]

15.1. Map out how I want to lay out my product launch process

15.1.1. Mind Mapping tool | Mind Meister

16. Mission 22 [Funnel Events]

16.1. What valuable content will I add into each section of my funnel process?

17. Mission 23 [Funnel Squeeze Page]

17.1. What will the text be on the first page my site visitors land on in my funnel process?

17.2. What content will I give away in exchange for their email on that first squeeze page?

18. Mission 24 [Funnel Sales Page]

18.1. What will the text be on product sales page?

18.2. What worked with my competitors? (Did they have a video, pricing, bonuses)

19. Mission 25 [Branding]

19.1. Tweak my funnel and sales pages so that they look clean and deliver a clear message

19.2. Create a logo

19.2.1. Logo design | 99 Designs

20. Mission 26 [Funnel Integration]

20.1. Integrate all your tools together to create a streamlines experience for your site visitors and customers

20.2. Using Kajabi is the easiest non technical way to integrate different contently types and funnel processes

21. Mission 27 [Funnel Testing]

21.1. Test everything

21.2. Make sure I didn't miss anything in the site visitor experience

21.2.1. For example, Did I create a Thank you Page?

22. Mission 28 [Get Traffic]

22.1. Building it DOESN'T mean they will come

22.2. Find partners

22.3. Participate and be active in forums

22.4. Optimize my blog utilizing keyword research

22.5. Create videos based on keyword research

22.6. Set up advertising campaigns in Google Adwords and Facebook

23. Mission 29 [First Customer Impression]

23.1. How will I interact with my customers?

23.2. What is my customer service system?

23.3. Have I thanked my customers for purchasing my product?

23.4. Have I gotten feedback from my customers of their purchasing experience?

24. Mission 30 [Fresh Content and Community]

24.1. Consistently upload fresh quality content

24.2. Build a loyal community - focus on that 1st core 1000 fans

24.3. Be a part of my community