The Immune System

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The Immune System by Mind Map: The Immune System

1. Diseases

1.1. Asthma

1.2. Lupus

1.3. HIV/ AIDS

1.4. Rheumatoid Arthritis

2. Innate/ Non- specific

2.1. Skin

2.2. Stomach acid

2.3. Enzymes

2.4. Mucus

3. Adaptive/ Specific

3.1. Lymphatic system

3.1.1. Bone marrow Source of blood cells

3.1.2. Lymph nodes Where lymphocytes gather and encounter antigens

3.1.3. Thymus Where lymphocytes mature or ‘learn’ about previous pathogens

3.1.4. Spleen Where lymphocytes gather and encounter antigens

3.1.5. Lymphocytes B- secretes antibodies that attack antigens T- guide and regulate immune response or attacks specific cells

3.1.6. Lymphatic vessels Allows lymphocytes to ‘patrol’ the body

3.1.7. Lymphoid tissue Tonsils, adenoids, and the appendix