Webinar #2 - Safe Spaces for Youth to find Passion and Purpose

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Webinar #2 - Safe Spaces for Youth to find Passion and Purpose by Mind Map: Webinar #2 - Safe Spaces for Youth to find Passion and Purpose

1. What are our dreams?

1.1. Its alive

1.1.1. Culture where there is space for: all the dualities that life include

1.2. Safe space for my children

1.3. I need a safe space to be able to create a safe space for my children

1.3.1. Parenting Being in service of the children and help other places to be in service of children

1.4. Some of us coming together - everybody brings experience of concepts, ideas, experience etc. with the core question, what makes a learning space really inservice of children? - every 2 weeks

1.5. Changing dreams :)

1.6. A space where you can learn from each other, find a place where I can give my knowledge naturally and learn

1.7. Opening up - learn together - GROW :)

1.8. Learning together experiencing together

1.8.1. Growing a safe space

1.8.2. Spending time

1.9. A space where children, parents, families (society) come together, share, learn, open up etc... Create a safe space together

1.10. A safe space can never be only for you - its created for and by you in relation to others.

2. Stepping stones

2.1. How can we learn about creating safe spaces in families

2.2. Can tools we use in business, in growing relations be used in families? (evaluations, feedback sessions etc.)

2.3. Family with tools and families for business

2.3.1. How can familie create safe spaces for children to grow and learn

2.4. How can family become a safe space for children to explore their passion and purpose in life

2.5. How can families become loving and learning communities?

2.6. Family tools

2.6.1. How can families learn to raise children, to live together, to share and learn.

2.6.2. Family - open up - share Circles to share and learn from each other

2.6.3. Inspire

2.6.4. Learning our own way in parenting and families

2.6.5. Circle of conscious parenting

2.6.6. Learning to listen to yourself, to trust what you feel and act on it, stand up for it.

2.6.7. Family - society

2.7. Co-design?

2.7.1. Write and come together to find the core in a next conversation

2.7.2. What are the principles

2.7.3. Setting the context

2.7.4. Practically!!! Literally invite parents I know and to have skype conversations to share and explore what it means to create that space for children, in a virtual space. Connecting other groups than families to the ways families learn and live together

3. Exceptional initiatives

3.1. Family

3.2. Kaospilot

3.3. Art college

3.4. Knowmads

4. Exceptional ideas

4.1. What if we expect and support parents to support their children on the search of their passion and purpose - creating safe spaces

4.1.1. Are there organisations engaged in this? Eltern-AG in Germany

5. What makes a safe space?

5.1. Community - with the culture of openness, exploring, reflecting, fun,

5.2. Committed, dedicated, learning, simular as myself

5.3. Of service to eachother

5.4. Supportive in every situation

5.5. In support of inclusion