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1. Ignore the messages

1.1. do not retaliate

1.1.1. give the bully the attention they wanted

1.2. block the bully on every online platform

1.2.1. they will realize that their efforts is pointless

1.3. take a tech break

2. Save the evidence and lodged a police report

2.1. phone or any online bullying can usually be captured, saved, and shown to someone who can help

2.1.1. use it when want to make a police report

2.2. report the problem to the service of the application using

2.2.1. usually there will be a button as the interfaces of the application for you to report about any unpleasant issues

2.3. you’ll be less tempted to respond by the bullies

2.3.1. if immediately make the police report and can keep the safety

3. Parents play the role

3.1. Notice the changes of the child

3.1.1. Recognize if there has been a change in mood or behavior and explore what the cause might be.

3.2. Talk to child

3.2.1. Ask questions to learn what is happening, how it started, and who is involved.

4. Create account using finger print system

4.1. software just like iphone user use to lock phone and apps

4.1.1. every detail owner account real

4.2. must connet with personal database when create account

5. Government roles

5.1. legal interventions in the school

5.1.1. schools are required to integrate interventional programs based on the subject of cyber bullying

5.2. criminal laws against cyber bullying

5.2.1. cyber bullies are responsible for their misbehavior and may have to pay a fine or face legal punishments

5.3. laws against bystanders

5.3.1. implement a program that obliges bystanders or witness to report cyber bullying when they know it occurring