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Music by Mind Map: Music

1. Genres

1.1. List of Countries

1.1.1. Musical direction

2. Music Industry

2.1. Music Video

2.1.1. Live Concerts recording

2.1.2. Original Video

2.2. Bands

2.2.1. Types of bands Solo Duet Three Orchestra Ensemble

2.2.2. Album Writting Songwritting Recording Real Instruments Software Vocal Mounting

2.2.3. Live Concerts Band Reheals Dress Rehearsals Concert Concert audience Place for performances Clubs Stadiums Concert halls Festivals

3. Education

3.1. Theory

3.1.1. Chords

3.1.2. Musical notation

3.2. Creation

3.2.1. Songwriting Lyrics Melody Structure

3.2.2. Musical instruments

3.2.3. Live Production