The Weimar Republic

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The Weimar Republic by Mind Map: The Weimar Republic

1. impact of the Treaty of versailles

1.1. the army: FRIEKORPS group formed by ex-soldiers

1.2. the economy: extreme crisis, no money for reparations, occupation of the RUHR, Hyperinflation, passive resistance

1.3. population discontentment: the backstabbing myth, belief that government was against society, lack of quality of life

2. organisation

2.1. composition: president, chancellor, the army, the reichrat, the reichstag

2.2. article 48: gave presindent the power to, in times of national emrgency, suspend the constitution and rule by decree

2.3. proportional representation: the proportion of votes received by a political party would be approximately equal to the proportion of seats allocated in the Reichstag:

3. Gustav Stresemann

3.1. proclaimed chancellor and foreign minister in August 1923

3.2. cultural: civi liberties (lifting of censorship, encouraged activist activities, writers, film directors, designers) 1. literature 2. art 3. Film 4. Architecture

3.3. ordered: 1. passive resistance at the Ruhr to stop 2. the currency to be stabilised by introducing provisional Retenmark 3. reparation payments to the allies were resumed

4. Achievements

4.1. political: improve Germany´s profile within International Community, by 1929 Germany was engaging on equal terms with the major powers of the world

5. short recovery prior to 1923

5.1. Dawes Plan: April 1924- link between reparations and the economic performance of the country

5.2. economic revival: United States provides loan of 800 million gold marks to kick-start economy

5.3. failed shortly after to the Great depression of 1929 in which the USA asked for their loans back and restarted the economic crisis in Germany

6. Opponents

6.1. the communist groups: The Spartacist league (Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg)

6.2. The friekorps: prior to the defeat of the spartacist uprising, revolted towards the government for using them as a military force