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COMM391 Section 103 Phase 8 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 103 Phase 8
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COMM391 Section 103 Phase 8

ISSUE #1 - Competitive Advantage our main purpose for outsourcing is to limit our expenditure on data management, information sharing [cloud computing] and operational software maintenance/development [SugarCRM and Financial Tools]. being able to outsource software/database maintenance relieves the firm of having to worry about allocating more resources towards this - in addition to upgrading it every time, meaning the firm can focus on investing in better financial analysts/guest services agents our ability to focus on the said resources but still have the ability to retrieve information and analyze data when needed also gives the extra time we need to be able to make sure that the clients complaints, wants and simple requests are addressed - also all their questions are answered outsourcing our social CRM through SugarCRM and linking all social media accounts to our SugarCRM account will allow VAnalyst to manage all means of communication effectively and efficiently - also using insource guest service agents will allow VAnalyst to get to know clients at a more personal level when they do decide to go to the office - in addition to this effective and efficient management of socialCRM through SugarCRM will allow us to make our presence known to our local potential clients a lot faster outsourcing database management - linked to SugarCRM and all Financial Tools will allow our analysts to not only use financial data but also client data to match their portfolios and investment 'wants' [i.e. high risk/high yield or low risk/constant returns] giving us a better opportunity to heighten the satisfaction of our clients

CRM software systems are a journey, not a destination, and successful CRM application programs leverage a continuous process improvement cycle to constantly refine and optimize the business software system. Compare, measure and verify planned and achieved stakeholder group objectives Compare and verify the most critical success factors Be sure to trend user-based utilization metrics Analyze proposed software benefits from new software version upgrades Verify Second Wave benefits (e.g. those proposed implementation activities that didn't make the cut in the original implementation) Assemble an internal or external advisory group and participate in the vendor's user group(s)

these specialists know the company and are aligned with our values.

Group 303


Cloud Computing, Use Google Apps, Benefits: -reduces costs: eliminates need to recruit additional IT team -gives core team in VanRealty ability to focus on core activities (eg: manage business projects, manage schedules of clients, reception jobs, etc) -already developed, easier to implement rather than designing everything from scratch

iPhone App, Use external app developer

Website development

Project Management

-Require staff to 'define' projects -Make sure 'scope creep' does not occur -Ensure feasibility of project -Ensure project is communicated to all relevant parties: -eg: 3rd party service providers, etc



Importance, customers creates profiles in the online plateform, company is responsible for the privacy issues, New node, E-commerce: Customers fill in credit/debit card information online

Solution, GFC customers who utilize the website will be required to create an account, which will be protected with a password, Credit card information and other sensitive data that are required to process a payment will go through external outsourcing with companys such as Paypal, SSL and, OpenPro system will be made more secure by adding preventative measures including: firewalls, digital signatures and encryption, Routine back-up of information, In the case of a Web Attack and information in our database is deleted, we will be able to complete a full restore to recover the lost data

Information security

RFID, product informations are valuable because it is trackable to the supplier

If Customer database is vulnerable, once hacked, both financial and personal information will be leaked out

How do we develop a mobile app

How do we develop it

Insourcing, The big benefit here is that it will be developed by a team of internal employees. They know what they want and how we want it. They know the culture we want to portray, but then we also need to, There will be prohibitive costs involved, not only in hiring a team which is capable of doing it, but also what do we do after the project is complete, You could argue that we already have a team who already designed and implemented the website, so in fact we will be using our staff more efficiently. Arguments work both sides

Outsourcing, We can take expertise from outside, it could be a lot faster since those who are designing it will already know about mobile applications, There will be a communication gap, what we want may not transfer to the other team. If we outsource it, then it may be really expensive comparing it to offshoring which may be more cheaper but then we will also encounter a much greater communication gap, It will take time for the other organization to learn of our company culture so the application may not be representative of our culture, We will also need someone to maintain it after, which could just keep us giving major recurring costs

How will we manage it

As a cost focused company, the first and most important thing will be to get the balance between cost and quality., The internal quiality we believe may be better but it could also be more expensive, whereas the external quality may be worse but the it could also be cheaper, In the long run it may be beneficial to insource it especially if we plan on taking future it projects

We must also realize the balance between the speed of the application. We need to determine how important it is to get the product out on in the market, so if speed is vitally important then it may just be more cost effective to outsource it purely for the speed it takes to get into the market

We must also realize that if we insource it, then the focus of our executives may slightly shift towards the main goal of selling products to partially including the website development as well. It may shift the focus from executives

If we are to be innovative, than outsourcing the product also causes other issues such as them using it for other companies as well as our own, so we loose that competitors advantage, but then we must also realize that it may already be happening that those companies already have another product and we can get the product even faster

We will hire a 3rd party developer to create the mobile applications

ISSUE #2 - Security and Reliability SugarCRM uses online databases from various other big companies which supply these storage spaces and secure them with state of the art technology, however should any compromise to their storage happen VAnalyst will have hard copies and electronic on hand of every single transaction and conversation done with each client With regards to basic access to the SugarCRM software, usernames can be linked to security levels which only allow the specified user to view and or edit only the level allowed by the administrator - this lowers the chance private information leaks within the firm In the event of outages of any type, as mentioned above, VAnalyst will also be having hard copies [transcripts] of every transaction and conversation done with every client which is updated every start of the office hour

Group 301


Introducing a new system will require our employees to learn how it works(how to input data into the system, how to view information etc.), Solution: Test prototypes of the system with our staff and make necessary improvements that will make the system more user friendly (involve staff with the design of the system), The hired contractor to make our database could provide documentation and training., Microsofts provides many guides and videos on using MS Access, Additional Support from company and community forums is also an asset for our Gps Software (GpsGate)


Communication with the developer is important, or the software we obtain might not meet our requirements, Solution: Like training, close communication between the developer is crucial. an iterative approach to development should be made. Prototypes should be shown to make sure project is meeting our requirements., Our hired contractor must be able to come to our offices and work with us in person. He should not be in India.

3rd Party Software we obtained may not perform as well as thought., The system should be rolled out in parts - GPS could be tested on one truck, then 3 trucks before it is deployed to the entire system

Group 302


Outsourcing, We will use: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide (software) CRM software implementation should follow a strategic approach to maximize likelihood of successful outcome The outcome is uncertain for we often make adjustments and adapt to new ideas, new information or new human capital as we make progress., Hire Project Management Professional (PMP)


SMART goals:, Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Time-framed NOT – ‘Increase Customer Satisfaction’ ‘Increase customer satisfaction by the end of the quarter by reducing Late Delivery by 15 percent' ‘Complete Review of Preliminary Software Specifications by June 15th, ensuring compatibility with company values’, Hire Project Management Professional (PMP)

Phase 1:, Quality project plans start with proven implementation methodologies and project management best practices. Organise the project team Establish clear project goals and quantifiable success metrics Craft a detailed project scope Thoroughly review existing business processes and keep an open mind to business process re-engineering

Phase 2:, Software Design and CRP, A Conference Room Pilot (CRP): a systematic approach to prototype the proposed operation of an information system, to learn how it works or should work, and to decide how to best manage the business with it – prior to the go-live conversion. The CRP results indicate confirmation or illustrate gaps and areas requiring a more detailed design effort prior to full implementation.

Phase 3:, CRM software User Training, Use the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principal. CRM systems, more so than other type of business applications, should have less focus on software and more focus on people, processes and training. Develop a rock solid training curriculum, classroom approach, hand-out materials and agenda; integrate cross reference materials where they can add value.

Phase 4:, Go-Live and Software Testing, When the go-live event happens, your full project team, including executive sponsor, should be shadowing the user communities in order to project confidence and be instantly available for user requests or the inevitable software irregularities that are sure to arise. The more the CRM software system pilot is tested, the more smooth the go-live event will likely be.

Phase 5:, Software Evolution and Maintenance

Group 304


Outsourcing, They will also maintain them at minimal cost, must less expensive than trying to have it developed in house, This is the most important thing because app development is key, as if the app is not developed well. no one will use it


Training, Apps will be intuitive to allow minimum training to a small limited manual.

Group 319 CityWorkforce

Adequate I like how you clearly laid out what your two most important issues were. I like the information you've stated but would have liked if you had taken it one step further and told me why for example it is important to implement the cloud security measures you have suggested. What is the business impact/significance of employing these measures? Also, how exactly will you manage these issues? You haven't addressed the second part of the question explicitly.


Not implementing ERP, Prevents issues of employees having too much information

Cloud, Who owns the data?, Make sure that we implement a strong privacy policy, Limit access based on user authorization, Provide different levels, Limit who can edit information to relevant client management people, Data transmission security; Wifi? LAN? Mobile?, Must maintain security of client data; there are likely legal constraints around this, Potential attacks because of valuable nature of our data for identity thefts, Test to ensure system security, Develop policy against “social engineering”

Project management

Outsource CRM, Cloud computing will be outsourced, Development, Buy CRM from a vendor, Adapt this CRM to allow matching and integration search engine, Need to train our own project managers, Implementation, Train staff, especially IT, Ensure this training program addresses any resistance and integrates the system into daily workflow, Change management, such as feedback after implementation

Keep internal, Payroll system, Do not put in the cloud due to security considerations, Can use current and expand it (save money)

320 - Good Food Canada

Adequate I like how you rationalized why outsourcing your Smartphone App would be the best decision. However, I would have liked if you had explicitly addressed and considered some of the concerns/drawbacks of outsourcing ( e.g. potential reduction in quality, inadequate consideration of user requirements). Security issues: I like what you have here, but I would have liked to have seen more proactive recommendations as to how you will go about security customer data. Merely having a privacy policy is insufficient. What is the technology and protocols that will enable you to realize your privacy policy? Merely stating "employee authentication" is not enough.

E-commerce security related issues

Privacy : need for explicit privacy policy in order to increase customer trust toward release of personal information ., Privacy policy will explain which information will be mined from data collection, for which purpose and which technologies will be used to process them

The website will be an important channel for collection of customer data. Recommendation Agents will use customer information to implement cross-selling strategy . protection and securitization of database management system will be ensured through need for employees authentication for data access and backup .

Scepticism toward online payments : Credit card details will be protected by the payment gateway through encryption., Credit card details will be protected by the payment gateway through encryption. Use of 3D secure protocol to increase level of data protection.

RFID privacy issues

- some information about the items will be accessible to anyone - where product was made need to be accessible only to those we choose- to protect our farmers and suppliers


Smartphone App, Instead of creating an R&D department and providing necessary funding involved with hiring managers, employees, providing health benefits and EI and CPP etc. It will be more cost effective to outsource the creation of our Smartphone App, Benefits, -Allow the company to only pay for design and outsourcing fees instead of creating positions for an R&D department and all the associated costs - Good Foods can outsource to a highly specialized company that works solely on Smartphone Apps - Allows for funds to be used for other, more important, uses, Downsides, - Innovative ideas and key strategies may not be conveyed properly to the outsourced company - Cannot 24/7 monitor the outsourced company - Difficult to keep secret during R&D phase, due to outsourced company has no loyalty to your company

Group 318

Adequate + I like the rationale you provided as to why outsourcing of your Smartphone App was the best decision. I would however have liked if you had considered and addressed the concerns associated with outsourcing and how these areas of concerns could potentially hamper your ability to execute you business strategy effectively.


New node

Group 318: DataMed

Adequate + to Good- Met with group during TA office hours and provided feedback on Phase 8

Implementation: Resistance from employees

Why?, We believe some staff members, especially older physicians may resist our proposed changes as they do not want their work environment to change.

How to manage?, We need to educate our staff members about how the new systems will benefit them by making their jobs easier and providing a better patient experience. Employees are less likely to resist change if they are informed of the benefits. Once educated about the benefits, it is essential to provide a thorough training program so employees can understand and use our new software system with ease. Once the system is up and running, we need to ensure our partnered developer is available to provide support to staff members. If our developer is easily contacted to answer any questions it will make it easier for employees to adapt to this sophisticated system.

Development: Maintaining a solid relationship with development partner

Why?, DataMed is intent on developing a joint venture with a midsized software developer also located in Vancouver. We will retain a 60% share of the software while the developer will own 40%. Both organizations will contribute capital and resources. Our doctors will provide feedback and creative input about the software design. Our clinic will serve as a pilot project for launching and refining the software. There are many inherent risks and potential benefits with such a proposal. The software developer could abandon the project or our companies relationships could become strained. We believe the benefit of a customized software program, catered directly to our specifications outweighs the risks. This venture will allow us to attain advantages associated with outsourcing while achieving the customization and support associated with internal development.

How to manage?, We will hire a project manager to oversee the project and work with our physicians and the developers. The project manager will convey our interests to the developers and ensure the project is being completed at a reasonable pace. We also believe that 40% ownership provides an incentive for the developers to produce a quality software program that can be commercially successful. DataMed understands the practical aspects of medical software while our partnered developer can provide any necessary technical expertise and support!

Group 316- Full of Christmas Spirit

Adequate- Firstly, Thank you for the innovative name " Full of Christmas Spirit:)" I like how you clearly identified your two most important issues when assessing the development and implementation of IT for your company. I would however have liked if you had selected either outsourcing or insourcing,as opposed to assessing both. As you've described it, I am unsure if you are going to be insourcing or outsourcing, and as a result I cannot truly evaluate whether "How you will manage it" are adequate/relevant responses. One final comment on insourcing: " lower cost" is in fact a FLAWED assumption. Insourcing may NOT  necessarily  be cheaper. In addition, you may not have the required expertise in-house. Merely hiring a "project manager" is not enough.  Who is going to develop/customize your software? Your company is not in the business of software development.


Outsourcing, Why is it important?, Not developing own system- using sales force to cloud compute our information, Keeps track of data in one space, Utilize professional and established service companies instead of having manage a newly developed service., How are we going to manage it?, Don't need to manage since its just an external platform

Insourcing, Why is it important?, Lower cost compared to outsourcing to another company., Need someone to update and maintain the website, How are we going to manage it?, Hire project manager


Security, Why is it important?, Online security is essential for e-commerce, Security builds trust between partners so that deals can be reached, Customers can sue us if their information are stolen, Law requires the privacy of information among parties, How are we going to manage it?, Use firewall to protect us from possible attacks, Educate employees to keep track of information properly, Use digital signatures and other authentication devices to keep information protected and accessible to right users

Privacy, Why is it important?, When customers pay for an order online they need to be sure that the information (credit card info) will not be spread across the internet, How are we going to manage it?, Have a update and advanced security system, Don't need to hire someone to work on it

Group 315

Weak + to Adequate- Please elaborate more in detail as to how the issues you have identified, namely "security" ( on the implementation side) and "outsourcing" ( on the development side), will be managed? How do you intend to address the issues associated with outsourcing and the imperative need for security? You have provided little-to-no information or support in this regard. Please address this concern in your final report

Technology: Web 2.0 Site: Patient Profiles

Security and Patient Privacy

Cost of Technology Implementation

Outsourcing, Use external firm or freelancer to develop and implement the technology, Staff will need to be taught by software developer how to use technology and how to trouble shoot minor issues, DataMed will need to have someone available to be able to come in to fix software issues


Implement Security software and make sure staff and patients know that it is in place and how to use it, New node

Group 314

Unacceptable You have failed to provide a cohesive and comprehensive answer that adequately addresses the Phase 8 question. Merely telling me that " Outsourcing" is your most important issue is not enough. You need to elaborate on this and tell me HOW you will manage issues associated with outsourcing.

Outsourcing [SugarCRM which includes online database, cloud computing, analytical and social CRM]

Group 312

Adequate + I liked how you clearly laid out your two most important issues and then explicitly answered how you will manage those issues. With regards to Outsourcing, you need to adequately address how quality and control of your outsourced component will be maintained. You covered this briefly in your " How to Manage" node, but I would have liked you to have elaborated on how you would go about ensuring that key user requirements are effectively communicated and in turn implemented by your outsourced software designers. Remember, just because you give specific instructions, does not necessarily mean that software designers will interpret them in the same way as you. As a result, more often than not, the end product tends to be different in scope and functionality than what the outsourcing party ( namely YOU in this case) originally intended. I would have liked if you had thought/explicitly considered this, and as a result considered testing various working prototypes of your intended technology over a pre-determined time frame.


Why?, Due to sense of nature of customer data/information, Move IT needs to ensure their customer's privacy is respected and complies with privacy laws

How to manage?, Move IT will enforce a strict privacy policy to its employees to reinforce importance of keeping customer information private, Customer data will be protected by passwords and user registration to prevent unauthorized misuse of customer data, Inform customers that we are using their data to customize moving experiences

To outsource or insource?

Outsourcing, Why?, Some benefits of outsourcing are that Move IT’s management isn’t burdened trying to coordinate the design of a new CEM system from scratch. Moreover, designing an IT solution internally from scratch requires a large capital investment upfront, tying up money that could be put towards other projects. Furthermore, being a start-up moving company, Move IT doesn’t have large team of IT designers on payroll that experience building CEM systems adding arguments for outsourcing the creation of the information system., Finally outsourcing will allow Move it to benefit from the expertise of Software designers that have many years of experience of building IT solutions. That’s their business, Move IT’s business is moving., How to manage?, Outsourcing the development of Move IT’s CEM system is the most efficient way of completing the project with the least amount of supervision by management, lower initial capital investment, lack of skilled IT Move IT employees., losing control of management so give specific instructions to manage system, communicate openly with outsourcing company weekly in order to create an IT solution that will support Move IT's value proposition

Group 311

Adequate I can clearly see that outsourcing will be one of your most important issues with regards to IT Development. I would however have liked if you had made the link as clear as to what your IT Implementation would be. Is change management and user training your key concerns? If so, how then do you intend to overcome/mitigate the risk of "employees not adapt[ing] well the the new changes?"  You've identified some issues that are important but in general have failed to truly elaborate on how you will manage and address the issues you've identified. Please do so for your final report.

Outsourced IT

ERP, Integration of OpenPro: converting from a traditional way of keeping records and providing customer service to a more consolidated application requires massive restructuring that can cause confusion and dislike amongst employees and managers., Employees will have to be trained how to use the new technology. We have to allow a training period where an OpenPro professional guides them., Temporary change of management may not bide well with current employees and managers., Employees may not adapt well to the new changes., We have to make sure that the current website server is in sync with the OpenPro server., OpenPro's E-Commerce software suits ours needs very well. One issue that may arise is that we may not be able to upgrade easily or add additional features without contacting OpenPro and negotiating prices first.

Group 309- MoveIT

1) Outsourcing of our development

poses a great risk of spending a large amount of money on a project that does not end up accomplishing what we need in order to meet our value proposition and generate revenue, putting the creation of our software (which is needed to fulfill our value proposition) in the hands of someone who is not as familiar with our business strategy and mission as someone within the organization, We will manage this issue by ensuring that a top manager (business strategist) is involved in not only creating in depth requirements for the development of our software at the beginning of the project, but also in meetings throughout the process that will serve as check points to ensure that the development is constantly in line with our firm's goals., We will NOT leave the developer to create the software and come back to us with a final product - we will always have someone business oriented involved., This may take more time and money (employee salary), but it is worth it in order to avoid a huge loss that would be caused by the software not meeting requirements


Group 306- city workforce


Problem: Security/Privacy of customer information, identity theft - using other people's identification to apply to a job, binding legal agreement that will make you liable if the information you provide is incorrect, Hacking, have an antivirus in place, Employees who don't understand how much information they actually have, training for employees to understand how to protect customer information, unprotected systems, have passwords in place


Anything to do with information of the customer is in-sourced, any extra features that we secure from out-sourcing will be unable to access our current database

Group 305


IT specialists will create a virtual design software, using prototyping (rapid application development) methodology in developing this technology.


Business processing service, contacting a business to take care of payroll such that costs are eliminated from the company and no extra people and systems need to be set up

Cloud computing for our phone apps to ensure that there are no breakins and it is running efficiently

By outsourcing we are avoiding heavy capital investment, thereby releasing funds for other uses, Get expertise that is not available internally, Provide superior infrastructure, Eliminates the need to recruit and retain competent staff to operate the needed technologies, Downsizing and company wide cost-cutting efforts

Group 307 Van Realty


Outsourcing(Cloud Computing), Van realty will outsource to a 3rd party for our cloud computing platform. The cloud will run our MLS(multiple listing service) app and the 3rd party will maintain its stability, Make sure all the information and data that Vanrealty provides to the 3rd party is kept private and secure; we can do this by communicating with salesforce and inquiring about their security strategies/policies. We can also reccomend some of our own security policies to them, In order to maintain confedentiality, require both parties to abide by the confendiality clause in a contract, because salesforce s responsible for both our security and their own, Once Cloud Computing is up and running we can rely on salesforce to always maintain an up-to-date MLS application., Provide key features of app: matching system where we list houses for sale and current offers filter system to find specific houses, etc., Continual maintenace checks with 3rd party to make sure everything is running smoothly, Although we're outsourcing


Training, Need to make sure all employees are trained with Cloud computing and the MLS application, Make sure agents are familiar with Chatter application that they can use to communicate with clients and agents, Make sure our agents know how to market our application, listing the benefits of using our MLS application versus other companies. This will make us stand out and differentiate us from our competitors

Cross Compatibility

Group 308

Website Security

What is it, We will be storing a lot of data of our users such as some personal identifiable information as well as more secure credit card information. We not only have to protect this information, but we also need to work with it ethically, We need to worry about the ethics of the information. Is it right to be able to quietly sell it to marketers to earn revenue?, A lot of people tend to fill their carts, but don't make the actual purchase. We want to make the payment system as simple as possible so people are more likely to actually buy their cart, by storing their account information. Credit card information needs to be securely stored as well as securely transmitted during a transaction.

How will we manage it, Encryption, Having appropriate encryption methods, such as assymetric encryption (is that the one with public/private keys?) will ensure when information is being transmitted, only the intended receiver can read it, as well as know who was the intended sender, Good privacy policy, The decision which we choose on how we keep marketing data will be focused as a business strategic decision on how we mange this data. This will be decided by our privacy policy and we can go either way, whichever way seems more beneficial, and of course whichever method fits the law, If we do keep it secure, we will make it clear on the website, to make people comfortable with using our services, Digital Signatures (Part of encryption), Part of credit card verification systems. We want people to know that their credit card is being treated properly, so investing some money on digital signatures such as verified by visa will ensure that the transactions are more secure, Prevention from hackers, We could ask other people to try and hack our system, but it could be costly, We could also just believe that we have appropriate systems in place to prevent such hacking, and deal with it when the situation occurs (probably happens most of the times anyways), We could also place firewalls or other such ways to prevent people, such as spamming our website, if we get too many connections being opened, we can just block the iP addresss, Important part is to balance effective cost and security

Group 310

New node

New node

What are the two most important issues (of those discussed in the phase 8 slides) when planning the development and implementation of IT for your company? Why? How are you going to manage those two issues?


Adequate ++ Met with group during TA office hours and provided feedback on Phase 8


Privacy, In order to protect sensitive customer and corporate information, we will develop written policies to establish employee guidelines, personnel procedures, and organizational rules to handle information - ie: develop an information privacy policy, Because the resume and cover letter the candidates provide will contain the contact information and address, it is important to protect those employees' privacy and only distribute their information upon their consent.

Information Security, Our sources of positions and candidates information is essencial for City Workforce., Since we are a start up company, there will be a relatively little amount of information to protect, however, it is important to City Workforce to establish a secure network early to protect information from accidental or intentional misuse by persons inside or outside the organization

Change Management, Have a plan in place on how to implement the IT into City Workforce, including: training sessions for employees in order for them to fully understand how to operate the IT, slowly make the change over to the new IT (nothing drastic), communicate why it is important and how this IT will help with operations to employees of City Workforce. Explain to customers how this IT will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of matching (marketing).


Outsourcing vs. Insourcing, Outsourcing, Define which kind of services we are going to provide and how our IT will assist or enable City Workforce to do so effectively. Define what our City Workforces IT requirements. Decide to outsource the development of our IT to achieve the aim of effective "matching" between candidates and positions in a shorter period of time., Why it will work?, The learning intelligent agent City Workforce will implement is essential but will not be a core for our operation.The IT experts we are going to hire can guarantee IT service level. We dont have to invest a great amount of money to build up our own IT department. A learning intelligent agent will also learn on its own and develop itself over time. In terms of existing intelligent agents, there are already a number of examples of intelligent agents being used in different industries. Therefore if we hire IT experts to help us build this system, their experience can save City Workforce time and money., Outsourcing an IT system will help City Workforce by providing flexibility in greater autonomy of expense control. Also, it allows City Workforce to focus on our core operations. Since time and money are important factors that will go into our decision when deciding to outsource an IT system or to build it in-house, outsourcing would appear to be the better choice, Why it will not work?, The biggest problem will be how to prevent competitors from copying our IT. We will be the first recruiting company who will use a learning agent to help our clients make chose a candidate for their job position. If someone else uses the same idea and system, we will loose our competitive advantages very quickly., How to mitigate this risk?, Ensure that our competitive advantage does not consist of only our IT. Our employees behind the scenes that will have extensive training in how to effectively operate, work with, and use the technology in order to perform the task of "matching" as effectively as possible., Insourcing, Hire a group of new IT specialists to develop the intelligent agent system inside our company., Why it will work?, If City Workforce develops the IT inside our company, we can ensure the quality of the system and how well the system will fit our IT needs. Meanwhile, we dont need to worry about the IT being copied by other company through the outsourcing designer we hired., We decided to outsource the design of our IT. We would sign a contract with the agency for protecting the intellectual property of our idea., There is a slim chance that developing an IT system in-house would work, but we rather allocate resources more efficiently by bringing experts in instead, Why it will not work?, Because City Workforce is a small to medium size business, it is unrealistic to build their own IT department at this stage. Firstly we dont kno what the IT department would be doing once the technology is in designed and in place and secondly, it will cost a lot more money that outsourcing., City Workforce simply does not have the expertise to build, implement, and maintain quality IT systems. As an employment solution firm which focus on matching employers with employees, it would not be efficient if we employed any resource in this area

New node