Carnival, a Brazilian celebration"

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Carnival, a Brazilian celebration" by Mind Map: Carnival, a Brazilian celebration"

1. What is it?

1.1. The carnival is considered one of the more lively and representative popular parties of the world. He/she has his/her origin in the Portuguese carnival, where, in the past, the people played one in the other ones, water, eggs and flour. The carnival happened in a previous period the Lent and, therefore, he/she had a linked meaning to the freedom.

2. When is it?

2.1. he party happens during the four days that precede Wednesday.fair of ashes (beginning of the Lent).

3. What are the main activities?

3.1. The main activities are street parades, Brazilian music, foliates, carnival balls.

4. How do people celebrate it?

4.1. The Carnival usually involves a public party and/or it parades combining some circus elements, masks and a party of public street. The people use clothes during many of those celebrations

5. Who participates?

5.1. People of different social classes, usually people that love samba and the tradition of Brazil

6. What is its origin? where does it come from?

6.1. The word carnival is original of Latin, carnis levale, whose meaning is to remove the meat.The carnival is not a Brazilian invention nor either just accomplished at this country. The History of the Carnival remounts to the Antiquity, in Mesopotamia and in Greece and in Rome.