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Game ideas by Mind Map: Game ideas

1. action

1.1. In a action road safety game you could be a pedestrian running on all different roads but always being alert if you need to look out for obstacles or crossing roads.

1.2. characters: the person playing the game and NPCs driving around

1.3. visual style: the player would have a photograph taken of themselves and on the game they would be the runner with graphics which bring the game to reality

1.4. scoring system: the player would see how long he can run for with dodging all obstacles and properly crossing roads but if they fail the game ends and they restart it

2. first person 3D RPG

2.1. in a first person RPG game there can be a person driving a car in first person so it brings the game to reality and has to avoid all obstacles and check all signs and follow what they say and every time

2.2. characters: the player, NPCs driving around and NPC pedestrians

2.3. visual style: the player would be controlling a driver in a car and the graphics will be based on the real world so its more believable and enjoyable to play.

2.4. scoring systems: the player will avoid all obstacles and driver perfectly to earn points and with the points you can buy new cars

3. quiz

3.1. in a puzzle game which could be based on the whole target audience there could be numerous questions to be answered all about how to stay safe whilst driving/walking on the roads and knowing what all signs mean and how to follow them

3.2. characters: there will be no characters except the person answering the quiz

3.3. visual style: on a smart phone app there will be a screen with a question and 4 answers and it will be clear so it is easy to understand

3.4. scoring system: when you answer the question the correct answer goes green and the incorrect answer goes red every answer you pick correct you get a point and they add up until you get a answer wrong you then have to restart, try again and it also saves your highest score

4. simulation

4.1. in a simulation game you could take a snapshot of yourself so you can control yourself going out with all of your mates but you cant let yourself drink as your gonna be driving all your mates around so you got to convince yourself to not drink and be safe

4.2. characters: yourself, NPCs(mates)

4.3. visual style: the game uses GPS and satellite signal to track where you are and whats around you so you see the game from your device but its actual real life and the objects and places surrounding you

4.4. scoring system: you have to control yourself to do the right things so you earn points but if u fail something bad will happen e.g. car crash, passing out

5. survival

5.1. in a survival game you could be a driver, cyclist or pedestrian and your going around town and driving or walking perfectly but the other robots controlling cars, bikes and pedestrians are not being road safe so you have to be more careful that your following all road safety rules and see how long you can last being safe until someone hits you

5.2. characters: the person playing the game, NPCs (controlling all the other vehicles and people)

5.3. visual style: you choose to be a driver, cyclist or pedestrian and for what you choose you control for being safe and the graphics are clear and clean so its nice to play and see what your doing easily

5.4. scoring system: for every 5 seconds your alive you get a point and it saves your highest score but when you mess up you have to restart