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King Lear Adaptation by Mind Map: King Lear Adaptation
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King Lear Adaptation


Stage Directions


Setting Modifications


Lower? Make less places = less hassle?


Goneril's Castle

Reagan's Castle



Annotated Bibliography

Teresa Love

King Lear, the space of tragedy

Shakespeare Made Fit: Restoration adaptations


Example Adaptations

Once Upon A Time

Cinderella Story: Changes characters who perform specific actions, instead of fairy Godmother, it's Rumpelstiltskin Snow White: Gave Snow an entirely new backstory, woodsman theif

Orson Welles

Atmosphere reflects feeling of play Desolate setting, reflection of desolation?

Patrick Stewart

Adopted to war-period - German, Macbeth = Hitler Addresses the camera, to make things most pointed. Very direct speeches. Frequent use of symbolic: red = blood, red wine, etc. Use of set to display mood/tone/meaning Nurses = Witches

RSC: King Lear

Lear: Ian McKellen Lear silly, very old, expected to make mistakes. Cordelia very practical, not overly loving or perfection. (



-Younger than common Lear -Dark brown hair, beard -New Testament garb -Crown, Hair covered, bold colors -Idea is that Lear is dividing his kingdom more out of laziness than age. Similar to King David circa Bathseba. Also want pride to show similar to King Saul circa rejected sacrifice.


-Definitely want feeling of a Christ figure, white with red? -Similar to Esther figure


-Samuel figure, needs to be biblical, but a little ridiculous, a perverted version of the prophet -Need to emphasize moments of prophesy


-Another Samuel figure - but perhaps something else? How should I distinguish him? -Similar to Samuel in costume, hair revealed though, same coloring


-Darker colors, hair revealed, similar draperies to Esther-Dark eyes -Subterfuge, almost like Potipher's wife,