Shakespeare After 400 Years

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Shakespeare After 400 Years by Mind Map: Shakespeare After 400 Years

1. The 400th Anniversary

1.1. After 400 years, world still celebrating the life and work of William Shakespeare. This is, mainly, because Shakespeare gave many important thinks to humanity through his works, such as answers to difficult questions about life and human purpose.

2. What Was Going On

2.1. Shakesperare was born in a very active period of time in which numerous wars, inventions, dinasties, explorations, art, literature and ideas were being made. This allowed Shakespeare to express the feelings and ideas that people had in that time and be well-received by them as well.

3. A Man of His Age

3.1. Shakespeare was an outstanding theatre craftsman, actor and author, which gave to him very important profits acquired by playwrights and books mainly. Although he had some relevant detractiors, his works were recognized and known in different languages and cultures.

4. A Master of Words

4.1. He was a master on use of language, specially in verbal music. His words were so powerfull and clear, that when people read it, they felt different sensations from what he wrote. His works still connecting strongly with people until today.

5. A Man to Quote

5.1. Shakespeare still remaining until our days thanks to different significant quotes that can be found in works such as Hamlet or Macbeth. Those have influenced in the name of another books and general culture of nowadays.

6. A Man for All Ages

6.1. Shakespeare made his works thinking in communicating to humanity. Shakespeare gives important lessons in his books that can be applied even on today´s world.

7. A Vigorous Author

7.1. Shakespeare spoke vigorously through his works, but in an effortless way. However, he was a realist too, and he care so much about giving point to the things inside people and bring them out into the open.

8. A Man for Our Age

8.1. Shakespeare contributes to solve problems of modern society, specially the one of knowing ourselves. As Johann W. Von Goethe once said, "It seems as if he cleared up every one of our enigmas to us, though we cannot say: Here or there is the word of solution."