CIPR Scotland Social in the City

A selection of ideas, topics and discussion points for Social in the City in Scotland.

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CIPR Scotland Social in the City by Mind Map: CIPR Scotland Social in the City

1. Possible Event Themes

1.1. Mobile

1.1.1. QR Codes Possibly JAW redo event from Glasgow

1.1.2. App development

1.1.3. Future trends Visual recognition with mobile acuity Blippr

1.1.4. Building it into campaigns

1.1.5. Games

1.1.6. Location based networks

1.1.7. Operating systems Android Special IoS

1.1.8. Working with tablets

1.2. SEO

1.2.1. Introduction to SEO

1.2.2. SEO for PR's

1.2.3. Semantic web

1.2.4. Using press releases online

1.3. Website Design

1.3.1. Introducing HTML5

1.3.2. Semantic Web

1.3.3. Basics of HTML

1.3.4. What makes a great website

1.4. Monitoring & analytics

1.4.1. Introduction to Google Analytics

1.4.2. Looking at Social Signals

1.4.3. Researching social networks

1.4.4. Measuring Social Media

1.5. Theory/Big Ideas/Out There

1.5.1. Semantic Web

1.5.2. Crowd psychology and the web Possibly Joe Walton

1.5.3. Gamification

1.6. Management

1.6.1. Managing Upwards Budgetting in SM Sourcing expectations Setting expectations

1.6.2. Managing Teams Tools Strategy Personalities

1.7. Content Formats

1.7.1. Audio How to record a podcast Audioboo/Sound Cloud Building an audience How to create a voice for radio How to interview for radio How to structure a podcast The Scottish podcast scene

1.7.2. Video Case study Seeding video Getting the most out of YouTube YouTube alternatives

1.7.3. Images Getting the most out of your photos Slideshows Tagging Optimising Basics of photoshop Infoposters/Infographics Copyright and the web Pinterest

1.8. PR Functions

1.8.1. Issue Management Dealing with negative blog posts TripAdvisor Advice Maintaining Engagement

1.8.2. Crisis Management Braehead Scott Douglas

1.8.3. internal communications Yammer Collaboration Tools

1.8.4. Promoting Events

1.8.5. Competitions & sweekstakes

1.9. Platforms

1.9.1. Twitter Specials How to get your client to tweet Case study Optimising Guide to twitter apps

1.9.2. Blogging Wordpress: Platform how to Tumbl: platform how to Case study B2B Case study consumer

1.9.3. Google Special Maps G+ Google Reader

1.9.4. Facebook Special How to set up an optimised page Managing a collaborative FB Building your following A guide to EDGE Rank Creating a great page

1.9.5. Audioboo/Soundcloud

1.9.6. YouTube Special How to set up Optimising YouTube Seeding content The Viral Myth As a social network

1.9.7. Pinterest

1.9.8. Instagram

1.10. Social Media Management

1.10.1. Tools overview

1.10.2. Group working

1.10.3. Share or control

1.11. PR Sectors

1.11.1. SM and Consumers Campaigns

1.11.2. SM and B2B

1.11.3. Public Affairs Web aware MP/MSPs Political groups on SM

1.11.4. Public Sector

1.12. Voluntary Sector

2. Say Hello if you have added something

2.1. Joe Walton @babbleoftongues - Real PR

3. City & Venue

3.1. Towns/Cities

3.1.1. Edinburgh Virgin Money Lounge St Andrews Square Bond No.9 Leith Agency Boat

3.1.2. Aberdeen

3.1.3. Glasgow Lansdowne

3.2. What makes a good venue

3.2.1. Noise Needs to separate from the bar Need to close area off

3.2.2. Drinks Good bar area Available beforehand

4. Promotion

4.1. LinkedIn

4.1.1. Discussion for each series or event

4.1.2. Event Listings

4.1.3. Encourage sharing in stream

4.2. Online

4.2.1. Twitter Mentions Ask questions in advance Follow up afterwards

4.2.2. Facebook

4.2.3. Eventbrite Tagging

4.2.4. CIPR Scotland blog in advance

4.2.5. CIPR The Conversation

4.3. Offers

4.3.1. Incentive to social-sell - three affiliates sign up then get a future ticket for free

4.4. CIPR point person in larger agencies

4.4.1. Put up a poster on noticeboard

4.4.2. Send email to colleagues

4.4.3. Use internal message board

4.4.4. Use larger agency intranet

5. Post-event

5.1. Feedback

5.1.1. Survey Monkey

5.1.2. Audioboo

5.2. Blog post on CIPR Scotland blog

5.2.1. Will speakers prefer to post on their own sites

5.2.2. Can we offer link back from CIPR Scotland blog Should we make them a user

5.3. Interviews and video

5.3.1. Should we ask to record for watching later Reasons we should Reasons we shouldn't

5.3.2. Ways to capture

5.4. Objectives

5.4.1. Encourage future participation

5.4.2. Provide added value for participants

5.4.3. Encourage membership to CIPR Follow up email to non-member with info on CIPR Details at the event