Human Rights

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Human Rights by Mind Map: Human Rights

1. Personality rights

1.1. Protect against attacks

1.2. Right to live

1.2.1. Every human life must be protect

1.2.2. These rights may only be interfered with on the basis of a law

1.3. Core of rights

2. Social and economic rights

2.1. Free education

2.2. Right to basic needs

2.2.1. Physical needs Breathing Warmth Nourishment Sleep

2.2.2. Safety and security Accommodation Health Protection against dangers Order (laws)

2.2.3. Social relations Circle of friends Love Sexuality Welfare Communication

2.2.4. Recognition and appreciation

2.2.5. Self–realisation

3. Rights of the 3rd generation

3.1. Further development of rights

3.2. Freedom of movement act

3.3. Environmental law

3.3.1. Protection of the Natural environment

3.3.2. Maintaining the functioning of ecosystems

3.4. Right to welfare

3.4.1. Family health, food, clothing, etc.

3.4.2. Security in the event of unemployment, sickness, invalidity, widowhood and old age

4. Political and civil rights

4.1. No arrest for no reason

4.2. Own life, no compulsion

5. Womens rights

5.1. Oppressions by men

5.1.1. Domestic violence

5.1.2. Sexism in everyday life

5.1.3. Trafficking in women/slavery

5.2. Traditional problems

5.2.1. Female circumcision

5.2.2. Forced marriage

5.2.3. Honour killings