Relationship Map Template

Use this mind map to create your relationship map. Colour code based on relationship strenght, use lines to connect relationships and notes for details on your plan. Send to MeisterTask for complete project management.

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Relationship Map Template by Mind Map: Relationship Map Template

1. Legal

2. Sales

3. Marketing

3.1. Raj Koothrappali VP of Marketing

3.1.1. Sheldon Cooper Communications Director Amy Fowler Executive Assistant Leonard Hofstadter Marketing Manager

4. HR

4.1. Rachel Green HR Director

4.1.1. Mary Cooper Executive Assistant

5. Finance

5.1. Monica Geller Chief Procurement Officer

5.1.1. Phoebe Buffay Purchasing Manager

5.1.2. Ross Geller Purchasing Manager

6. Operations

6.1. Leslie Winkle Operations Manager

6.2. Howard Wolowitz Head of Facilities

7. Joey Tribbiani Head of Sales

7.1. Bernadette Rostenkowski Commercial Manager

7.1.1. Emily Sweeney Executive Assistant


8.1. WHY are they important?

8.2. WHO can help or block me?

8.3. HOW are they impacted by our solution?

8.4. WHAT are their priorities?

8.5. HOW can I help them?

9. Chandler Bing Chief Counsel