GLOBALISATION: two sides of the same coin

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GLOBALISATION: two sides of the same coin by Mind Map: GLOBALISATION: two sides of the same coin


1.1. Guided Tour


2.1. Analising different models of political, economic and territorial organisation as well as the inequalities stemmed from them in order to know how they affect people daily life and suggest plans of action

2.2. Preserving cultural singularities in order to foster the personal identity building within a globalised and diverse world

2.3. Grasping the main social problems and adopt an own judgment about them so as to boost critical thinking.


3.1. The effects of Globalisation in our lives


4.1. The meaning of Globalisation

4.2. Types of Globalisation

4.2.1. ICT Globalisation

4.2.2. Urban Globalisation

4.2.3. Great events and Globalisation

4.3. The developed world

4.4. The developing world

4.5. Emerging and in-transition countries

4.6. Socio-economic and urban problems in today's world


5.1. Recognising/Identifying/Listing

5.2. Discussing/Infering

5.3. Translating/Organizing

5.4. Comparing

5.5. Investigating/Checking

5.6. Producing/Creating


6.1. Language OF learning

6.1.1. Specific vocabulary Price, consumer, supply, globalisation, demand, profit, budget, incomes, investment, tax, unemployment, unemployment benefit, trade union, relocation, multinational, tariff, trade, asset, HDI indicators...

6.1.2. Verbs Buy, possess, sell, establish, reduce, interven, develop, improve, promote, overthrow, consume, produce, use, exchange, rise, organise, employ, negotiate, deliver...

6.1.3. Grammar Phrasal Verbs, Past simple, Zero and 3rd conditionals, past simple, irrelular verbs, modals, there is/ there are, quantifiers, passive tenses, reported speech, connectors...

6.2. Language FOR learning

6.2.1. Amouts and comparisons expressions A little over a quarter of/ a great deal of/ virtually none of / half as much / twice as many/ about the same as...

6.2.2. Lively conversation expressions Strong agreement/disagreement You can say that again!/ Not for all the jewels in the crown... Expressing doubt I can't make up my mind/ I'm in two minds... Expressin one's opinion It seems to me/ the way I see it... Expressing impatience Can you please get to the point?/ so, what are you trying to say?... Expressing prejudice I have a thing about... Interrupting Hang on!/ if I could just come in here... Returning to the topic As I was saying/ if you will just let me finish...

6.2.3. Speaking in public expressions Introductions Good morning/afternoon, my name is X, thanks for coming and nice to see you all here... Openings Today I'm going to present... Ordering First/ secondly/ third/ finally... Adding In addition/ also... Contrasting On the one hand (...) but on the other hand/ However... Concluding To sum up/ to wrap up...