MAHA Content Taxonomy (JA Edits)

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MAHA Content Taxonomy (JA Edits) by Mind Map: MAHA Content Taxonomy (JA Edits)

1. Dept Skills

1.1. General

1.1.1. Management Leading with impact Human Centered Design and impact Purpose-driven leadership Assessing primary business operations

1.2. Sales

1.2.1. Basics Mindful Selling Daily Deltas/self-management Creating your sales engagement arc/intentional touch points. Purpose driven pitch Developing empathy and repeat customers

1.2.2. Advanced (built later) Shifting the power dynamic of sales Prospecting and filling your funnel Custom sales training for industry Making demos more human Empathy/relationship and sales automation

1.3. Marketing

1.3.1. Basics Your brand purpose and marketing The brand ladder The 4 Ps with purpose Enlisting a movement in your purpose Collaborating for your purpose (brand influencers)

1.3.2. Advanced Social Media and Influencers Custom marketing course Movement building Community management Nurturing sequences

1.4. Operations

1.4.1. Basics Sustainable operations overview Assessing your external impact

1.4.2. Advanced Operational improvement programs

1.5. Finance

1.5.1. Basics Providing sustainability related financial data Forecasting for impact Investing for impact Divesting for impact

1.5.2. Advanced Building financial plans that account for externalities Impact Investing Credential course

1.6. Production

1.6.1. Basics Sustainable Production Sustainable Supply Chain

1.6.2. Advanced Company specific production goals, mandates, processes. Packaging

1.7. HR

1.7.1. Building purpose into the day to day lives of employees

1.7.2. The opportunities of diversity (Culture add vs culture fit)

1.7.3. Listening and elevating employee needs

1.8. Legal

1.8.1. Basics The role of legal in actualizing impact Balancing corporate mandate with impact objectives B Corp and other alternative legal status and management

1.8.2. Advanced Becoming a B Corp

2. Type Map

2.1. Curated

2.1.1. Expert Created

2.1.2. Intellum Licensed

2.1.3. OpenSesame

2.1.4. Lynda, Coursera, etc.

2.1.5. University

2.2. Originally Produced

2.2.1. Conscious Biz

2.2.2. Personal Theory of Change

2.2.3. Mindfulness

2.2.4. Functional Department

2.3. Custom

2.3.1. Company Purpose Includes some level of engagement of senior level leadership

2.3.2. Purpose Projects Includes highly engaging media/documentary

2.3.3. Operational specific content Production process Marketing purpose Custom sales training Operations courses

2.4. Format

2.4.1. Podcasts Weekly Discussion-style podcast Current events+mapping to platform topics Lesson sound files

2.4.2. Checklists Checklist for personal purpose process Checklist for org purpose strategy formation Checklist for division focused learning (building marketing plan, sales funnel, HR diversity

2.4.3. Guides This or That decision making guides Facebook vs. Twitter Fear vs. Hope marketing Pitch on product value vs. company purpose Guides for hot areas Employee community impact Greening your office operation Shifting from culture fit to culture add Embedding mindfulness in your office Sustainable Development Goals at your org

2.4.4. Daily News Org purpose related news

2.4.5. Opinion Editorials on controversial moves by companies

2.4.6. Weekly Round-Ups

2.4.7. Research Reports The case for purpose

2.4.8. Case Studies

2.4.9. Immersive Experiences (VR/AR/Film) Custom purpose journeys (Impact in Rwanda, environmental impact in xyz place, etc) Hot/button issues areas Diversity, equity, inclusion Climate change

2.5. In-person

2.5.1. Sequence of meetings

2.5.2. Event/Summit

3. Transformation

3.1. Personal Growth

3.1.1. Personal Purpose Impact discovery The issues you care about Your experience/story with impact Your brand & goals Theory of change maker Roadmap to Impact Examining your daily activities Examining your resources Examining your influence network Prioritizing your impact goals and activities Creating a plan

3.1.2. Personal Activation MAHA Content (Rarely custom, provided to all clients) Topical courses Podcasts Guides/Reflections App/Functional Partner Content Emotional management Relationship management

3.2. Org Transformation

3.2.1. Org Purpose Our purpose Purpose Statement Purpose video Our legacy History/founding principles Legacy values Our leadership Optional- message from leadership Overview of leadership shared through a unique human lens - their passions, family, hobbies, challenges Our current impact Programs overview Our obstacles Org challenges Personal challenge reflection Our opportunities Org opportunities - how the org is listening for input from them and opportunities for leadership Personal reflection

3.2.2. Org activation MAHA Content (Sometimes custom, sometimes provided to all clients) Org program related courses Topical courses Podcasts Guides

3.3. Org Basics

3.3.1. Conscious Business Custom intro? The movement towards purpose Industry specific examples Reimagining business' role in society The case for cross-sector social change (Government as both a partner for innovation and accountability)

3.3.2. Performance Custom Intro? Why measurement is important Sustainable Development Goals + Other metric systems Your organizational goals Getting buy-in and aligning your org Setting team purpose goals Tracking your goals at your org

3.3.3. Intro course to their department/function- see below

3.3.4. Communication and Leadership Custom Intro? Communication Listening and Empathy Leadership

4. Other

4.1. Advanced SDG Course(s)

4.1.1. SDG specific course (1 per)

4.1.2. SDGs overview course Overview of each SDG Aligning your workforce Creating your plan Getting internal buyin Organizing cross-functionally Developing departmental goals and actions Strategies for educating the workforce