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Start with a Lead Eight Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation by Mind Map: Start with a Lead Eight Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation
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Start with a Lead Eight Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation

From the book by Brian Carroll

Conversation, Not Campaign

Not about instant gratification

Companies don't buy; people do

Executives favor the sales person who

Sales force needs to

Those who meet the criteria

Relationship building

The customer is thinking

Sales and Marketing as a Team

The best

If Sales and Marketing are not in alighnment

Without bidirectional communication

WIth a feedback loop in place

Incorporating different viewpoints and inputs is critical

Sales and Marketing harmony begins with

Sales and marketing should have a unified understanding and consensus on what the definition of a sales lead is.

An Ideal Customer Profile

Using the unique attributes of prime customers

Allows sales to focus on prospective companies with the highest probability of becoming profitable customers

Important! What is a Sales Ready lead?

Learn the size and scope of the market and find the location of the sweet spot.

A more detailed profile will include:

Psychographics may include

If data is not available

A Universal Lead Definition

Designed to fit the Ideal Customer to a T

Sales fails to act on nearly 80% of leads

Begins with seeking out what

Lead qualification begins with

More ROI is reaped from the patient tending of potential customers over time.

Must be able to differentiate

Functions or buy points need to be targeted for key information

An Effective Lead Management Process

Watching and directing the conversion of sales leads into customers


Implements and enforces

Is geared towards

Assigns clear responsibility for



Failures occur when:

80% of sales leads are never seen again

Tracking leads must be ready to go when the program starts

A company is a collection of processes

A basic sales process

A Foundational Database

Your most valuable asset

a meeting point for Sales, Marketing, and IT

As many are involved in a complex sale

Ideal Customer Profile and Universal Lead Definition should drive the database

Control of the lead passes from one person to the next with all of the applicable information fixed in one place

The value of the database is only as good as the buy in of everyone on the lead generation team.

Key data points to capture:

Tracking fields to capture:

Integrated Multimodal Tactics

leveraging a variety of marketing tactics

An informed strategy is required to reach decision makers

mulitmodal lead generation

The most effective tactics?

multimodal approach calls for a thorough evaluation and systematic plan- ning of the various lead generation methods

A multi-modal and multi-touch lead generation portfolio will always outperform marketing tactics that stand alone.


A close correlation between

Consistent Lead Nurturing

The secret of success

converts inquiries into qualified leads

follows up and turns qualified leads into future sales opportunities by

is not a single marketing campaign

Lead generation is a conversation, not a series of disjointed campaigns

Lead generation initiates and perpetuates the dialogue

Lead nurturing keeps the conversation going and

A sales ready stat of leads is the result of good lead nurturing

A sustainable lead nurturing process is

Is designed to move prospects from

Lead Nurturing questions to be answered:

A crucial aspect of lead nurturing

Relevancy is key

The end goal: