Simple Present

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Simple Present by Mind Map: Simple Present

1. Use

1.1. Facts and generalization

1.1.1. The government steals public money everyday

1.2. Habits and routines

1.2.1. I don't eat breakfast in the morning

1.3. Permanent situations

1.4. State verbs (eg. be, have, think, know)

1.4.1. AKA Non-Actions Verbs Describe emotions Love, Hate, Make Sad, Make Happy Describe Mental States Remember, Understand, Think Describe wants Need, Want Describe Perceptions Hear, See Describe appearance Look, Seem Describe Possesions Have, Own

1.5. Fixed/official arrangement that we can´t change

1.6. Talk about situations that are not connected to time - for example: scientific facts and physical laws

1.6.1. The Earth orbits the sun

1.7. Used for summaries such as books or movies reviews

1.7.1. In her book, she describes the meaning of names

2. Form

2.1. Subject + verb

2.1.1. I learn English every day

2.2. Subject + auxiliary verb + not + verb

2.2.1. They don't live in New York anymore

2.3. Auxiliary verb + subject + verb

2.3.1. Does he learn English everyday?

3. The present simple describes what generally happens (but not necessarily right now)