Event Technology & The Event Experience

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Event Technology & The Event Experience by Mind Map: Event Technology & The Event Experience

1. Like attending cool events where they can take good photos

2. Frustrated by limited parking at events

3. Enjoy gaining feedback from event attendees- regardless of the type of feedback as both are valuable

4. Dislike when events do not run to specified time as disrupts other events schedules on the same day

5. Desire to showcase event in a positive light to encourage re-visit

6. Ensuring event staff are delivering high standard of service

7. Continuously have to manage overcrowding in some areas of the event ie. check in desk

8. Need to create accessibility options for attendees with varying levels of mobility

9. Event attendees constantly frustrated by old-fashioned and inefficient event check in systems

10. Aesthetically pleasing events with great 'vibe' and ambience through music, set-up etc

11. Dislike attending events that are poorly organised, and ruin the event experience

12. Want to attend events that are worth their time, and creates lasting memories and impacts that they can share

13. Like attending events that are engaging and interactive

14. Event Attendees

15. Venue Managers

16. Like when event attendees leave good reviews on past events

17. Like to see event attendees having fun

18. Dislike when all event attendees are crowding around same section and are not engaged

19. Create an event experience that is enjoyable to staff,friends and family

20. Want to identify a better way of managing difficult event attendees

21. Frustrated by inefficient and unreliable technology at events - ie. Check in, Event Presentations etc.

22. Want to host an event that is unique to others and fulfils the event purpose

23. Need to manage event to event running order and on time

24. Managing Event Attendee Expectations

25. Event Managers

25.1. Want to gain information about the event attendees during the event for future events

25.2. Engaging event entertainment

26. Organisation/Individual Hosting Event