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Film Story by Mind Map: Film Story

1. Act 1

1.1. Jack is walking along a footpath. He questions where he is, senses something is different.

1.2. Jack makes his way through his apartment building

1.3. Jack sees advertisement for something he doesn’t really need but picks up the advert anyways

1.4. Jack enters his apartment and switches on his tv. He gets a feeling something isn’t right

1.5. Ed enters the apartment and speaks to Jack

1.6. Jack asks Ed can he feel something strange before the brand on the television detaches and floats away

1.7. Jack asks Ed about what he just saw and is interrupted as the environment begins to shake and become distorted

2. Act 2

2.1. Jack is shown brushing his teeth and going about his regular morning routine

2.2. Objects in the apartment begin to flicker and glitch and graphics begin to appear on the wall

2.3. Jack is oblivious to what’s going on in his apartment and compares his current feelings to depression

2.4. The whole room is taken over by graphics.

2.5. As Jack reaches for a drink, Ed enters and appears to be consumed by the graphics, his appearance has become painterly and his voice has become glitchy and unintelligible, Jack doesn’t seem to notice anything is out of the ordinary here.

3. Act 3

3.1. Jack is sat down listening music, his mp3 player glitches ad changes form. He throws a can on the ground that digitizes and float away. Jack appears to take no notice of this.

3.2. Jack makes his way through his apartment block, everything in his wake appears normal but all else becomes digitized and disappears. Jack turns around and sees everything has become digitized, he doesn’t appear to be concerned

3.3. Jack enters his apartment and everything appears normal.

3.3.1. New node

3.4. Jack enters his bedroom and the room he’s just left becomes digitized while his bedroom appears normal.