PNC System Issues

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PNC System Issues by Mind Map: PNC System Issues


1.1. No $ for rent

1.2. Lack of affordable housing

1.2.1. Length of time on waiting list


2.1. Gas $

2.2. Not Enough Buses

2.2.1. Insufficient routes

2.2.2. Full buses strand those at stops

2.2.3. Schedules are not kept

2.2.4. LAC Support Help MPP determine transportation issues island-wide Use MPP Intake data to advocate for improved transportation

2.3. Cars

2.3.1. Not street legal

2.3.2. No driver's license


3.1. No translators available

3.2. Populations

3.2.1. Spanish

3.2.2. Marshallese

3.2.3. Filipino

3.2.4. Tongan

3.2.5. Samoan

3.2.6. Micronesian

3.3. Language Lines Services

3.3.1. Medical Home use

3.3.2. Hospital use

3.3.3. Compliance with JCAHO

3.3.4. LAC Support Determine hospitals' use of Language Line Services Strategize to ensure JCAHO compliance re: language interpretation services Determine Community Access of Language Lines Services (i.e., MPP access) There is access, but with a cost Make sure MPP knows how to access these lines LAC knowledge of interpretation volunteers Based on MPP sharing with LAC re: interpretation needs Resources at churches PACT Head Start as a resource in WHI EHS in HOVE


4.1. Lack of treatment center

4.2. Fear of Child Protective Service

4.3. Prevention & education

4.4. Family support & trust (hooponopono)

4.5. Services for mom & children


5.1. Insurance eligibility difficulties

5.2. Shortage of parenting classes

5.3. Types of support

5.3.1. Immigration issues

5.3.2. Groups Fatherhood support program Play groups Moms & teen moms

5.3.3. Good nutrition No $ No fresh food at Food Basket

5.3.4. Childcare - while parents access services, activities & appointments

5.4. Lack of medical professionals

5.4.1. OB Shortage West Hawaii Kau Not offering types of desired care

5.4.2. PCPs not taking new patients

5.5. Referrals to MPP

5.5.1. Lack of education about MPP

5.5.2. LAC Support Create Referral Resource List (to complement MPP's List) Allocate $ to periodic MPP brochure printing Create a radio PSA re: topics & MPP services


6.1. Reduction of GRADS programs

6.2. Nutrition

6.3. Teen education program (pre-pregnancy)