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Role by Mind Map: Role

1. main editor

1.1. invintationToUser()

1.2. newGroup()

2. admin

3. editor

4. user

4.1. onlyOneYearRegistration()

5. guest

6. tables

6.1. results

6.2. tests hasMany questions

6.3. users

6.4. categories

6.5. tags

6.6. questions

6.6.1. pearenttest_id

7. vr

7.1. fire::aim is develope neirons relatives with surprise fire situation and 1.create one of the best solution to solve it. 2.They without mind will put all useful things around yourself for helping him.3.Kee calm and will create variant of enter.

7.1.1. old room objects old more like old first fire window door extra room through the door orwindow actions surprise first fire($start_fire_instruction) in the rondom places open($door, $window) close($door, $window) instruction $start_old_instruction $start_fire_instruction after first fire without mind fillness scaring the end because no one way(exit is step by step but have no start think from the end) 1. look at result(Door or Window || Door and Window) 2. look at around 3. make chaine of activities( wrong orCangeRole() right like QAvideofather 4. if role change copypast pice of code with input if something absent from our libs scenariy QA Video