The Groovy 60s

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The Groovy 60s by Mind Map: The Groovy 60s

1. Leaders

1.1. USSR

1.1.1. Nikita Khrushchev

1.2. Cuba

1.2.1. Fidel Castro

1.3. U.S.A.

1.3.1. John F. Kennedy Lindon B. Johnson Richard M. Nixon

1.4. Veitnam

1.4.1. Ho Chi Min

2. Bay of Pigs

2.1. Cuban Exiles Attacked cuba and atempted to kill Fidel castro and overthrough cuban government.

2.2. Russia thought since Kennedy denied to help the cuban exiles.

3. Berlin Wall

3.1. When berlin was devided. Was built in 1951 to keep people in.

3.2. We had a meeting between us and we tore down the wall.

3.3. Russia was very Poor

4. Cuban Missile Crissis

4.1. U.S.A. found out that the Soviets where bringing Nuclear weapons off the coast of Florida in Cuba.

4.2. The meeting between Kennedy and Khrushchev we said we have enough bombs to blow you up 10 times over and they said we have bombs to blow you up once but that would be enough.

5. Space Race

5.1. Soviet Russia launches Sputnik. With the first man in space.

5.1.1. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is the first man in space.

5.1.2. Dogmonauts were used by russia

5.2. U.S.A. Gets to moon first.

5.2.1. Apollo 11 was the first man on the moon in 1969.

5.3. NASA costed 24 billion dollars.

5.3.1. Apollo 13 caut on fire and they saved them after they had to survive

5.4. Ham the first chimp in space

5.4.1. Neil Armstrong is the first man on the moon, the second was Buz Aldrin

6. Vietnam War

6.1. Vietnam was in danger of becoming communist.

6.1.1. Many U.S. Soldiers died from that war.

6.2. The French colonized in Vietnam.

6.2.1. We also sent troops into Laos. A small country south of Veitnam.

6.3. We went to war with them

6.4. No one won and vietnam is now our allies

7. Assasinations

7.1. Assasination of R.F.K.

7.1.1. June 5,1968 in LA, California Sirhan Sirhan

7.2. Assasination of J.F.K.

7.2.1. November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas Lee Havey Oswald

7.3. Assasination of M.L.K.Jr

7.3.1. April 4, 1968 in Memphis, TN James Earl Ray

8. Kent State

8.1. When there were riots and the people protested. They killed 4 people and called it a massacre

8.2. Woodstock was when a bunch of people came together for a few days and had concerts and smoked drugs.