Understanding the Internet

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Understanding the Internet by Mind Map: Understanding the Internet

1. Effective Internet searching

1.1. Clarify what information you are searching for

1.2. Type a simple search using key words

1.3. Evaluate the information you have found

1.4. Cite the information you find

2. Critical Evaluation

2.1. Children learn best when their experience at school is echoed and reinforced at home, and vice versa.

2.2. If a child ever feels worried about anything that happens online, they should seek help from an adult they trust.

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3. Social and Ethical Protocols

3.1. Protect your online reputation: use the services provided to manage your digital footprints and ‘think before you post.’ Content posted online can last forever and could be shared publicly by anyone

3.2. Know where to find help: understand how to report to service providers and use blocking and deleting tools. If something happens that upsets you online, it’s never too late to tell someone.

3.3. Don’t give in to pressure: if you lose your inhibitions you've lost control; once you’ve pressed send you can’t take it back

3.4. Respect the law: use reliable services and know how to legally access the music, film and TV you want.

3.5. Acknowledge your sources: use trustworthy content and remember to give credit when using others’ work/ideas