4.5-Representations of masculinity,femininity,disability

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4.5-Representations of masculinity,femininity,disability by Mind Map: 4.5-Representations of masculinity,femininity,disability

1. Femininity

1.1. Tuchman-argues that women's representation is undergoing symbolic anihaliation

1.1.1. Achievements-they are made to seem less than, women who do achieve are sexualised,devalued or trivialised

1.1.2. Women's sports are underrepresented and devalued-women are referred to as girls

1.2. Limited roles-women are represented in very limited roles

1.2.1. Presented in a way that focuses on the expressive role-mother/housewife

1.2.2. Just the women report- women are presented as sexual commodities to be consumed by the male gaze. focuses on their appearance.

1.3. Kilbourne

1.3.1. Women are presented as mannequins-long,thin,size zero

1.4. Wolfe

1.4.1. Women are presented as projects in constant need for improvement

2. Masculinity

2.1. Children now

2.1.1. Asked boys how they though males were presented

2.1.2. Violent,tough,don't cry,confident

2.2. Negative representation

2.2.1. Violent,abusers,aggressive

2.3. Metrrosexuality

2.3.1. Mcnamara-Focus on appearances and style-men who are in contact with their feminine side

3. Disability

3.1. Pitiable and pathetic-made to seem weak,dependent and vulnerable

3.2. Super cripples-made to have extra abilities that over ride their disability-or their disability is enhanced

3.3. Sexually abnormal-made to seem as if they have no sexual life

4. Theories of representations of disability

4.1. Pluralist-representations reflect real social anxieties of society, reflects dominant medical view

4.2. Social constructionist view-representations reflect the hierarchy of credibility-disabled people are at the bottom

4.3. Postmodernism-their depictions have improved

5. Theories of representations of femininity

5.1. Feminism

5.1.1. Liberal fem-media has experienced cultural lag because women are under represented in the creation of media content

5.1.2. Radical fem-media encourages a beauty myth to distract women from competing with men for high positions

5.1.3. Marxist fem-representations of women has an economic motive-media presents what the most of traditional society will agree with

6. Sexuality

6.1. Underrepresentation of LGBTQ-if there is a representation of them, their sexuality forms the basis of their character

6.2. Homosexuality is presented in 3 ways

6.2.1. Camp character-flamboyant and outspoken

6.2.2. Macho character-exgareted masculinty-heterosuxal masuclinty used as erotic symbols

6.2.3. Deviant character-villian,guilty about sexuality,sexual predators

6.3. Symbolic anihalation

6.3.1. Homosxuality is being presented as something to laught at and mock