MTHFR Treatment

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MTHFR Treatment by Mind Map: MTHFR Treatment

1. Definition

1.1. Methyl TetraHydro Folate Reductase Deficiency

1.2. Results in Slower than Nomal Methylation Processes

1.3. Wiki

2. Caveats

2.1. Go Slow

2.1.1. Pts Crash Easily

2.1.2. Change 1 Modality at a Time

2.1.3. Start with Low Dose and Titrate up

2.2. Fix the Gut 1st

2.2.1. Before Detoxification

2.2.2. Before Chelation

2.2.3. Constipation Toxin Re Circulation Releases GI Toxins into the System

2.3. If Problems Occur

2.3.1. GI Health Panel Freq Findings Gluten Enteropathy Parasites Infections Yeast

2.3.2. CoMorb Conditions Hormone Deficiency Malnutrition Amino Acids Minerals

3. Treatment

3.1. Supplements

3.1.1. Methyl Donors DMG TMG (Betaine)

3.1.2. Fatty Acids Fish Oils Flax Seed

3.1.3. Minerals Zinc 20 -40mg/day Selenium Magnesium

3.1.4. Vitamins Vit E Vit C Amino Acids B Complex

3.1.5. Herbs Silymarin Liver detoxifier

3.2. Medications

3.2.1. Active Forms of Folate MetaNx Neevo Deplin Cerefolin L methyl Folate Hard to Find Side Effects May Cause Detox Reaction Brain Fog Temporarily Too Much

3.2.2. MB12 Not Well Absorbed Orally Compounded Inj. Every 3 Days 2500 to 3,500mcg/Dose Give in Buttock Slows Release SC Not IM SL Form Has Some Effect

4. Diet

4.1. Avoid

4.1.1. Hydrogenated Fats

4.1.2. Processed Foods

4.2. Increase

4.2.1. Vegetables

4.2.2. Fruits

5. Toxin Control

5.1. Avoid

5.1.1. Household chemicals Artificial Scents Cleansers Pesticides

5.1.2. Chronic Chemical Exposures

5.2. Use

5.2.1. Safe Chemicals Cleansers Organic Pest Control

6. Detoxification

6.1. Nutritional Plan

6.2. Body Cleansers

6.2.1. InfraRed Sauna

6.2.2. Clay Baths

6.2.3. Colonics

6.3. Rules

6.3.1. Fix Bowel 1st

6.3.2. Do Slowly

6.3.3. Homeopathics Helpful

7. Lab Testing

7.1. Blood

7.1.1. Common Labs Liver Enzymes Ferritin Homocysteine HS Crp

7.1.2. Genetic MTHFR Profile

7.1.3. Nitro Tyrosine Measures Oxidative Stress Special Lab Only

7.1.4. Glutathione Usually Low

7.1.5. B12 May be High Body Unable to Use

7.2. Urine

7.2.1. Heavy Metal Challenge

7.2.2. Urine Organic Acids

7.2.3. Toxin Screen

7.2.4. 2nd Tier Amino Acids Porphryns

7.3. Misc

7.3.1. GI Health If GI symptoms present Treatment Failure

7.3.2. Food Allergy

8. By Stephen Smith MD

8.1. More Information


9. MTFHR related problems Map