The Bullying

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The Bullying by Mind Map: The Bullying

1. Types of bullying

1.1. Physical Bullying

1.1.1. Is when there is some physical contact for example kicks, blows, push.

1.2. Verbal Bullying

1.2.1. Is when they call someone by nicknames to make fun of them or treat them with rudeness.

1.3. Indirect Bulling

1.3.1. It is when they exclude someone from a group they tell shameful secrets, rumors, lies, etc

1.4. Social Alienation

1.4.1. It is when people are told things to think badly about someone and exclude them from everything

1.5. Intimiidation Bullying

1.5.1. It is when you are intimidated by someone with threats or, by force

1.6. Cyber Bullying

1.6.1. Is when a person is bullied through social networks by speaking ill or publishing rumors of the person.