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Plants by Mind Map: Plants

1. Photosyntesis

1.1. Is a chemical reactio that is used fro de plant to make sugar and glucose.

1.2. Carbon Dioxide(Carbon Dioxide) + Water (H2O)= Oxigen (O) + Glucose

2. Parts

2.1. Flower

2.1.1. Produces seeds

2.2. Stem

2.2.1. Transport water through the plant

2.2.2. Raises the height of the plant

2.3. Leaves

2.3.1. Capture lost sunlight

2.3.2. Certain is cell that contain chloroplast filled.

2.3.3. Parts Epidermis Let the light Pass Through the cell. Palisade Contain Chloroplast Vein Carries Water to the leaf & take the food help support the leaf. Stomata Are tiny holes in a lower surface of leaves That allows Gases in. Spongy Mesophyl The cells make food and provide a surface evaporation. Cuticle Prevent water losss by evaporation. Is transparent to allow the light into the cell bellow. Guard Cell Surround each stomata they can Open & close it.

2.4. Roots

2.4.1. Absorb Water & Mineral Salts From a large amount soil

2.4.2. to anchor the plant in the soil

2.4.3. Are Covered in ROOT HAIR CELL

2.4.4. Have thin walls and a large surface area to help them Absorb lots.

2.4.5. secondary root to grow out to the main roots

2.5. Xylem Vessels

2.5.1. Transporting tuves

3. Why Do plant need water?

3.1. for Photosyntesis

3.2. to provide dissolved mineral that keep the plants healthy to transport subtances around the plant

3.3. the action of transporting water is called transpiration stream.

3.4. to keep it rigid

3.5. to allow chemicals reactions

4. Iodine/ Starch test

4.1. starch is produced in the leaves.

4.2. is used to test for the presence of starch. Starch turns into an intense "blue-black" colour upon addition of aqueous solutions of the triiodide anion, due to the formation of an intermolecular charge-transfer complex.

4.3. iodine solution.

4.4. A plant must to be destarche before it in a photosyntesis investigation.

4.5. carbon dioxide is used in the production of starch.

4.6. Process

4.6.1. is treated with boiling Water and ethanol. Water makes easier to liquids to enter o leave ethanol remove the green pigment and chlorophyl. makes the leaf crisp

5. the effect of the carbon dioxide on a starch production

5.1. soda lime is a subtance that aborbs carbon dioxide and takes out the air

5.2. process

5.2.1. two destarching plant were set up under transparent plastic bags that were sealed with elastic bands. Before covering the plant, a small dish with soda lime was added to one pplant and sodium hydrocarbonate was added in another.

5.2.2. both plants were left in daylight for few hours before a leaf from each of them was tested.

5.2.3. the leaf with soda lime did not contain starfch, but the plant which has sodium hydrocarbonate did.

5.2.4. so carbon dioxide is needed for a starch production.

6. take in water an carbon dioxide,

6.1. produce starch and give out the oxigen

7. Plants and light

7.1. photosyntesis

7.2. the plants takes energy in the form of light and some of the energy is transferred into chemical energy in the form of starch


7.3.1. chlorophyl is a substance which t¿makes the leaves appear gree. it is found in leaf cell such called chloroplats.

8. Biomass

8.1. photosyntesis is responsible for making biomaas as weel oxigen

9. The transport of water through the plant

9.1. mineral salt are disssolved in to the soil water. the plant has to use energy to take them. this energy is provided by tghe root cells when they use oxygen in respiration.

9.2. the roots get the oxigen fron the air spaces between the soil particles.

9.3. each water conducting is called xylem vessel. a group of vessels form xylem tissue. which makes up part of structures called vascullar bundles. these run through the plan from the root to the leaf wher they forms leaf veins.

10. Nuevo Tema