Hussian's inquiry about the PYP Planner

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Hussian's inquiry about the PYP Planner by Mind Map: Hussian's inquiry about the PYP Planner

1. How can I involve students in the planning process?

1.1. Allow students to share prior knowledge and ask questions using KWL, anticipation guides, schema maps, or another strategy

1.2. Work with students to set success criteria for learning targets

1.3. Ask students what excites them about the upcoming theme

2. How will differentiation be frameworked and sustained?

2.1. Assess students' background knowledge and skills

2.2. Use low-floor, high-ceiling tasks

2.3. Provide choices to differentiate for student interests and learning preferences

2.4. Provide individualized specific feedback

3. How should I design engaging learning experiences?

3.1. Tie learning experiences to student interests and questions

3.2. Help students see the purpose of learning and connections to home/world

3.3. Make learning activities multisensory

3.4. Balance independent work with cooperative learning opportunities

3.5. Use engagement strategies to get students moving, and interacting

4. How can I facilitate student-centered assessment in a transdisciplinary context?

4.1. Involve students in setting learning targets and defining success criteria

4.2. Model how to give specific feedback so that students can learn to give specific feedback to self and peers

4.3. Use quick formative assessments to help determine next steps

4.4. Give students choice and voice in how to demonstrate their learning for summative assessments