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Food Flavour by Mind Map: Food Flavour
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Food Flavour


property of a food or beverage that causes the simultaneuos reaction of taste on the tongue and odour in the olfactory centre of the nose

a collective sensory experience resulting from the combination of the four basic tastes (+umami ), aroma and physical factors.


Fruit flavours

Vegetable flavours

Spice flavours

Beverage flavours

Meat flavours

Fat flavours

Cooked flavours

Empyreumatic flavours

Strench flavours

Delivery systems for flavours





Flavour enhance

Flavour enhancement

Flavour potentiator/enhancers

Flavouring Category

Natural flavouring substances

Nature-identical flavouring substances

Artificial flavouring substances

Reasons for using flavouring

To impart the characteristics flavour of the flavouring

To augment, complement or modify a flavour

To mask the original flavour

To compensate for the flavours dissipated during processing

The form of the natural material may not permit it to be used in the finished product.

Natural Flavouring Substances

Herbs:aromatic plants,such as basil, mint,oregano and thyme Spices:other highly aromatic plants: capsicum(pepper),cinnamon,etc consist of specific parts like seeds, fruits,roots and bark

Vanilla: natural flavour extracted from cured 'vanilla bean' which contain vanillin, the major flavouring compound of vanilla

Reaction/process flavours

Disadvantages of using natural flavourings

Process for obtaining natural flavours