Educational Technology

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Educational Technology by Mind Map: Educational Technology

1. Standard 1: Technological Literacy

1.1. What is technology and how does it work?

1.2. How does technology shape society and how does society shape technology?

1.3. Pros and Cons of technology

1.4. TPACK

1.5. Challenges of teaching with technology

2. Standard 5: Ethics and Technology

2.1. Environmental and societal impact of technology

2.2. Digital Privacy and safety: cyberbullying, identity theft, what is and what isn't appropriate to share online

2.3. Fair use and copyright

2.4. Digital distractions: texting and driving, how technology affects relationships, and technology addiction

2.5. Ways to teach about the ethics of technology in the classroom

3. Standard 6: Cognitive Learning Theory (CLT)

3.1. Technology and engagement in the classroom

3.2. Technology and multitasking in the classroom

3.3. Print textbooks vs. digital textbooks

3.4. Technology is not superior

3.5. Learning is inherently a social activity

4. Standard 7: Developmental Learning Theory DLT

4.1. Move from concrete to abstract

4.2. Experimental Learning Theory: knowledge is created through the transformation of experience

4.3. The myth of the learning style