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1. Definition

1.1. flavour????

1.2. properties of food beveranges that give taste n odour

1.3. collective of sensory(4basic taste)

1.4. substance that + food impart flavor

2. flavoring category

2.1. natural

2.1.1. plant, fruit, spices, herbs

2.1.2. by biotech/microb/physical process

2.1.3. i,e vanilla extract from vanilla pods

2.1.4. process distillation plant resources i.e pepermint extraction animal vegetable animal biotech fermentation concentration extract fruit juices

2.1.5. disadvatage high cost low intensity/impart flavor variation flavor profile

2.2. nature identical

2.2.1. synthesis/isolated through chemical

2.2.2. from natural aromatic

2.2.3. identical as nature source

2.3. artificial

2.3.1. fully chemical process

2.3.2. not exist in nature

2.3.3. i.e vanillin - give 2x impart than nature vanilla

3. reason use

3.1. impart characteristic of flavor

3.2. augment/compliment/modify flavour

3.3. mask the original flavor

3.4. replace loss of flavor during processing

3.5. bcoz natural material not allow present in final product

4. sources

4.1. herbs&spices

4.1.1. herbs aromatic plants i.e basil,mint, oregano basically used whole part

4.1.2. spices high aromatic plant i.e capsicum, cinnamon consist specific part

4.1.3. produce essential oil prepared by steam distillation contain volatile compound

4.1.4. oleoresins extract of the spices contain volatile essential oil+non-volatile resinous material more similar to original ground spice advantage free from physical impurities free from pathogen standardize product flexible to develop multiple spice concentrated form (reduce storage)

4.2. vanilla

4.2.1. fruts/sweet flavor application in dairy n beverages background note in variety sweet round out flavor profile

4.2.2. sweetness in bakery product

4.2.3. confectionery soften&round out harsh bitter notes in chocolate application

4.3. reactions/process flavor

4.3.1. produced by subject it to heat & fat degradation

4.3.2. roasted/caramelize/bready/meaty/nutty

4.3.3. application in cooking

4.4. fruit juices/concentrate

4.4.1. extract by mechanical press

4.4.2. water is removed

5. delivery system

5.1. neat

5.1.1. jam making

5.2. solutions

5.2.1. oil soluble vegetable oil animal fats

5.2.2. water soluble alcohol propylene glycol glycerine

5.3. emulsions

5.3.1. gum arabic

5.3.2. emulsifier

5.4. solids

5.4.1. encapsulated oleoresins essential oils New node

6. flavor enhancement

6.1. mean??

6.1.1. compound with no flavor by its own

6.1.2. ability enhance perception of flavor

6.2. advantage

6.2.1. increase overall perception

6.2.2. improve quality

6.2.3. make flavor nice

6.2.4. deliver the promise

6.2.5. reinforce character of main flavor

6.3. MSG

6.3.1. salt of glutamic acid

6.3.2. present in most protein

6.3.3. enhance flavor must in free form L-configuration not D-configuration

6.3.4. obtain from fermentation corn syrup mollases

6.3.5. found in HVP yeast extract

6.3.6. how give taste? receptor sites are being unmasked more available to react with molecular flavor amplification from receptor

6.4. HVP

6.4.1. consist 40-45% salt 9-12%MSG a.acid a.acid derivatives

6.4.2. manufacture by acid hydrolysis lower cost increase intensity flavor suspect by product enzymatic method high cost low intensity flavor eliminate all desirable

6.4.3. source high protein fraction grain soy bean yeast

6.5. yeast extract

6.5.1. give flavor

6.5.2. peptides n salts provide mouthfeel

6.5.3. give overall experience

6.5.4. autolysed yeast yeast that self digested infect hydrolysed by proleotic enzyme polysacharide still present

6.5.5. autolysed yeast extract results from process that remove insoluble wall leaves high protein water soluble product good for solubility

6.5.6. function mouth clarity mouthfeel feeling factor

6.6. nucleotides

6.6.1. from shiitake mushroom

6.6.2. IMP

6.6.3. used synergistic combination

6.6.4. blend 50:50 IMP+MSG give 8x flavor

6.6.5. easy degrade at moisture60%

6.7. maltols

6.7.1. occurs in cereals, bread crust, coffee, cocoa

6.7.2. improve flavor

6.7.3. ability to suupress

6.7.4. eliminate undesirable acid bite n bitter notes

6.7.5. minimize bitter aftertaste

6.7.6. New node

6.7.7. eliminate undesirable acid bite n bitter notes