Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle

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Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle by Mind Map: Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle

1. Delaney Mossbacher

1.1. lives in Attoyo Blanco Estates. Shows he’s wealthy (California) -He hits a Mexican with his car

1.2. Delaney’s thoughts when he hit the Mexican were of his car and insurance. -Shows how careless he was of hitting a Mexican

1.3. Told his wife no to worry because “it was just a Mexican.” • Shows how less of feelings he has for Mexicans. Thought of him less of a person and frowns upon him.

1.4. Delaney goes to ta meeting to bring up the issue of the coyotes • Shows how careless and selfish he is also

1.5. Delaney and his wife view shows how they are very worried of the smallest things

1.6. Delaney’s wife is concerned with how the neighborhood looks with the homeless living under the overpass: shows how looks are important to them

1.7. Delaney saves his baby

2. Candido Rincon

2.1. Has a car with bottles and newspapers he was taking to the recycling center

2.2. Candido explains how much pain he is in and explains the details and his point of view of the accident.

2.3. The man just gave him $20

2.4. America

2.4.1. Candido´s Wife His wife uses that money to buy supplies to help her husband. She tries to sneak away to the labor exchange, but Candido will not let her go.

2.5. Candido ends up working at the labor exchange • Shows their struggle

2.6. Candido describes his past

2.6.1. He was successful

2.6.2. She cheats on him and he becomes a drunk: falling point in his life

2.7. Teenagers destroy the camp they live in

2.8. Candido and his wife move under an overpass where they are hidden

2.9. Married “Resurrection” and 20 years old and was old sister to of his wife now

2.10. He is not able to find a job and they cannot get food: shows how the society is in the struggle for a Mexican

2.11. Candido also finds himself a job and they begin to do good: Can relate to someone who is struggling

2.12. They move again and live in a cardboard

2.13. There is a flood when Candido goes to look for a job and his wife dies in the flood

3. Literary Elements

3.1. imagery: “red-flecked eyes, the rictos of the mouth, rotten teeth ad incongruous shock of gray in the heavy black brush of the mustache.”

3.1.1. • Imagery • Indirect and Direct characterization • Hyperboles • Similes • Metaphors