DDW Plant Paper Planning

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DDW Plant Paper Planning by Mind Map: DDW Plant Paper Planning

1. Paper Components

1.1. intro

1.1.1. origins of experiment (Crumely, Lewis, etc)

1.1.2. papers that talk about ddw effects on life

1.2. methods

1.2.1. maybe a bunch of links to the open notebooks

1.3. results

1.3.1. show RC results

1.3.2. show bulk assay results from DDW experiments

2. Experiments to carry out

2.1. RC

2.1.1. additional CA and VG with DI and DDW water types (version 4.1)

2.1.2. new version that compares DI growth to DDW growth with maybe a simulated DI (mix of DDW with a little D2O) growth

2.1.3. one more version of mixed water types for both tobacco and arabidopsis

2.1.4. arabidopsis initial growth with time points every 6 hours

2.2. DDW

2.2.1. 5 samples of each water type with 5 seeds per sample