Marketing plan

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Marketing plan by Mind Map: Marketing plan

1. the big picture

1.1. your targeted customers

1.1.1. Who are they - age: 35 - 60 years old - Have good income - They were investor - long term - They are Quang tri people or living other province

1.1.2. What they do worry about - New position - No station air port - it is not develop provice - New Company, no experience for operating resort

1.1.3. What do They hope for? - Plan to build airport station of goverment - area of ecomonic north of Quang Tri will be develope - New place to come there are all factors to make product will be grow price

1.2. your core marketing messsge

1.2.1. How will you talk about your product or service - it is 5 stars resort standard but it is price for 4 star standard - potentialy increáe price

1.2.2. Ưhat make it unique and why should people care - it is first resort complex in QT,

2. Your marketing action plan

2.1. Your marketing goal

2.1.1. Sale 200 villas from september to december.. We will set plan after we will finish marketing plan and sales plan of state 1

2.2. your marketing action plan

2.2.1. How will you reach your goal? we have 4 facetors to reach our goals - having 10 agencies for distribution - good price - our price is lowest in marrket -Good product- our resort is enought large,