Health System EMR

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Health System EMR by Mind Map: Health System EMR

1. Medical/Clinical Staff Roles/information input

1.1. Ambulatory Roles

1.2. Inpatient Roles

2. Laboratory

2.1. Ordering tests

2.1.1. Insurance approvals test performed test results entered

3. Imaging

3.1. Ordering tests

3.1.1. Insurance approvals test performed test results entered

4. Patient Registration

4.1. Patient demographics/insurance coverage

5. Affiliated Health System - Read Only

6. Patient Portal Access

6.1. Communication with providers

6.1.1. Request services (appointments, refills, etc.)

6.2. Access to medical records

6.2.1. What is available?

7. E-prescriptions - electronic communication to retail pharmacies

7.1. Sent from accurate medication list reconciled by provider

8. Communication

8.1. Referrals

8.2. Specialists/Consults

8.2.1. MIPS communication requirements automatic/secure fax

9. Compatible equipment

9.1. Point of care testing (EKGs, urine analyzer,

10. Population Health Data

10.1. Reportable to State

10.2. Claims/Reimbursement information

10.3. Publically available quality measures

11. HIPAA Compliance/Reporting

11.1. Routine reports to identify potential confidentiality breach (last name, neighborhood, etc.)