Math Concepts

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Math Concepts by Mind Map: Math Concepts

1. Comparing

1.1. Comparing is when you compare things and pointing out their similarities and differences.

1.2. It occur in Pre-operational stage

1.3. Ex: comparing between two children's hight.

1.4. Naturalistic: The child uses comparison in their daily activities for example the child says that "My friend ahmed has more red cups than i do".

1.5. Informal:

1.6. Structured: The teacher gives students animal objects and asks them "Do you have more cows or more chickens?".

2. Classifying

2.1. Classifying is grouping objects according to their color, size, shape.

2.2. It occur in Pre-operational stage

2.3. Ex: Sorting animals into their groups.

2.4. Naturalistic: During students play they sort objects according where they belong to such as animals to their zoo.

2.5. Informal: Provide students with items that sinks and floats and ask the questions such as "Do you think the rock will sink or float?".

3. One to one Correspondence

3.1. It is the understanding that one group has the same number of things as another group.

3.2. It occur in Sensorimotor and Pre-operational stage.

3.3. Ex: Pass one napkin to each child.

3.4. Naturalistic: The infants knows that they can only hold to object in their hands and put one object at a time in their mouth.

3.5. Informal: Asking children to pass things such as scissors, crayons and papers.

3.6. Structured: Matching activities such as spoons to bowls, animals to their home.

4. Measurement

4.1. Measurement tells us about a property of something.

4.2. It occur in Pre-operational and Concrete operation stage.

4.3. Ex: Build with unit blocks/Measure play dough ingredients.

4.4. Naturalistic: The child use measurement in his play while playing with blocks, the child will learn that each block is a unit of another block.

4.5. Informal: Explore wight and volume at the sand and water with the teacher assistant.

4.6. Structured: Have the child to name things in the room that he can lift and things he cannot lift.

5. Number sense

5.1. a group of skills that allow kids to work with numbers.

5.2. It occur in Sensori motor and Pre-operational stage

5.3. Ex: Count the objects and write the right number.

5.4. Naturalistic: If the child has crackers he will start counting how much crackers does he have.

5.5. Informal: While the students are waiting for the bus the teacher asks them to count until the bus arrives.

5.6. Structured: The teacher put different types of shapes and she asks the students "What are these?", "How many are there?".