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Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress [Page 113 ~ 116] by Mind Map: Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress
[Page 113 ~ 116]
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Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress [Page 113 ~ 116]


Old Tailor

Personality, Good listener, 'I was impressed by the attentiveness of my elderly listener;' This shows that the Old tailor is really good at listening, as Ma said he's impressed by the Old tailor., Curious, "Where's Marsellies," ; "Cristo?" the old tailor keeps asking Ma questions when he doesn't know something

Respected Man, To the villagers, the old tailor is like a god., 'Towards evening all the eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit the the villagers had presented to the old tailor like so many offerings;' Usually when the word offerings is used, it's usually presented to the god or something people respect a lot., Ma treats the Old Tailor really nicely., 'Invited my listeners to wash their feet with warm water;' Ma is being so nice to the Old tailor, and being really well-mannered.


Personality, Quite nice as well, Betrays friends ( In Previous Chapters ), Smart

Educated, An Author, good story teller, 'Intoxicated by this compliment, coming as it did from a master storyteller;' This is said by Ma, when Luo complimented him.


Personality, Kind, Nice and respectful, Smart

Educated, A good story teller, "The pair of you are excellent storytellers, so my daughter says." This quote said by the old tailor tells the reader that Ma and Luo is really good in telling stories.

Key Points

Chapter 1

Page 113, Luo and Ma went to the old tailor's work shop, They were amazed at the villagers in being so interested in the clothes. 'Luo and I were amazed to see how agitated they were, how impatient.', The villagers gave food to the old tailor and it is stocked in the corner of the room

Page 114, The old tailor required Ma to tell a story to him as a bed time story, so Ma and Luo got warm water to wash his feet and tucked him in Luo's Bed, Ma wanted to tell the old tailor a story opted from a Chinese film or maybe a North Korean film he even thought of telling an Albanian one.

Page 115, Ma continues to tell the story for the request of the old tailor., The old tailor is really interested in the story, and he keeps asking Ma questions about the story., "Where's Marsellies?" "Cristo?"

Page 116, Ma continued to tell the story about the French sailor and talks about Alexandre Dumas., Ma thought that the Old Tailor was fast asleep, after telling the story for around 2 hours., Luo told Ma that he should've been a writer and is doing a better job than he, himself is., Ma fell asleep after the compliment., When Ma fell asleep, the old tailor asked Ma why he stopped, and told Ma to continue telling the story.


Page 113

Atmosphere was created by Dai Sijie, that the villagers were really busy in the old tailor's workshop by using a few writing techniques., Listing, The technique, Listing is really effective, and made the situation really busy., For example, 'The fabrics, the lace trimmings, ribbons, buttons, and even the sewing thread; How agitated they were, how impatient, how physical their desire was.', Alliteration, The technique, Alliteration also makes the tempo of the reading really quick, words that begins with the same letter consecutively are usually read quicker, which makes the reader think that the situation is busy., For example, 'All ages; almost anarchic;'

Page 114

Atmosphere was created by the author, Dai Sijie in Page 114 that the Old tailor was really tired and that Ma was a really good storyteller by again using some techniques., Adjectives, Dai Sijie uses strong and complex adjectives, making the narrator, Ma seem really smart., 'proletarian', Alliteration, Makes the words that Ma says stronger, and stays in the reader, 'Forbidden Fruit'

Page 115

Atmosphere was created by Dai Sijie in Page 115 shows that the Old Tailor is really curious of the story and that Luo is really smart as well., Listing, Dai Sijie uses the technique Listing to show that Luo is really smart in the story., 'Luo interrupted me from time to time in a low voice, offering brief, intelligent comments.', The phrase 'intelligent comment;' tells the reader that Luo is really and educated., Imagery, Dai Sijie uses the technique Imagery, to give the reader a brief view of the scenario, and makes the reader more interested in the story., 'My voice rang out in the inky blackness of the room.'

Page 116

Atmosphere was created by Dai Sijie in Page 116 by using various techniques to show the feeling, and the situation in the room where Ma is telling the story., Listing, Listing is used by Dai Sijie to make the reader get more interested in to the story., 'firm, deft, audacious hand;', Adjectives, 'Dai Sijie uses adjectives to make Ma and the reader think that the Old Tailor is asleep., 'I heard the Old Tailor's voice rumbling in the dark.'