Art of Sales Linkedin Process

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Art of Sales Linkedin Process by Mind Map: Art of Sales  Linkedin Process

1. Client Onboarding

1.1. Meetings

1.1.1. Strategy Session and Sale Steven

1.1.2. Onboarding One Steven Go over Onboarding Doc so client knows what we need and why

1.1.3. Onboarding Two Steven and Luke Present Strategy Doc Profile Sample Audiences Sample Messages

1.2. Docs

1.2.1. Onboarding Doc

1.2.2. Strategy Doc

1.3. Delivery

1.3.1. Follow Process Book Strategy Sessions

2. Tools

2.1. Linkedin

2.1.1. Engage in Conversations Filter Book Calls Add to Needs Response Spreadsheet if applicable

2.2. Sales Navigator

2.2.1. Create Audiences

2.3. Ulinc

2.3.1. Create Connector Campaigns AB Testing

2.3.2. Create Messenger Campaigns AB Testing

2.3.3. Engage in Conversations Filter Book Calls

3. Documentation

3.1. Spreadsheets

3.1.1. Info and Links Links to important docs and Spreadsheets

3.1.2. Calls Booked Tracker Info and links to docs of each client Onboarding Doc Strategy Doc Calendar Link Passwords Notes Website Log of calls booked for each client, each week

3.1.3. Message Mastermind Template/Demo messages for different types of Convo for each client

3.2. Docs

3.2.1. Onboarding Docs Initial Questions and Answers

3.2.2. Strategy Doc 1.- Profile 2.- Sample Audiences 3.- Sample Connection Messages 4.- SOP Individual strategies, and quirks of individual client

3.2.3. Audiences File of URLs created to use for future reference and training

4. Routine

4.1. Daily Routine

4.1.1. Check Asana E.G. Get back to X Prospect for X Client

4.1.2. Check Calendar Meetings with Clients Meetings with Steven

4.1.3. Check Email Possible issues/mistakes with messages/bookings Client gives heads up about holidays/travel or clients to be avoided/given priority etc.

4.1.4. Ulinc - For each client Check Tasks Queue Make sure that Connector Campaigns have audiences for at least the next three days Check Inbox Filter Prospects Respond to conversations

4.1.5. Communicate with Clients Let them know about Calls Booked Keep them upbeat and positive Use the medium preferred by client Ask if they can open a time on their calendar if a Prospect asks for a time not on calendar Give them a heads up if a Prospect knows them personally (or seems to) or asks/requests something only they can respond to

4.2. Weekly Routine

4.2.1. Friday Planning Meeting with Steven Planning for the next week's activity, review of performance of last week, tweaks changes according to client feedback

4.2.2. Audience Building Create and load URLs of 700 or 800 prospects into Ulinc so that Connector Campaigns are always running smoothly

4.2.3. Weekly Meetings with New Clients

4.2.4. Meetings with Older Clients as required


5.1. Book Strategy Sessions for our Clients