The Heterogeneous Classroom

This concept map describes the elements and interconnections of a heterogeneous classroom.Sarah Turner 95435451

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The Heterogeneous Classroom by Mind Map: The Heterogeneous Classroom

1. Pedagogy

1.1. Communication and dialogue (Azzopardi 2011)

1.2. Cooperative learning learning, Project-based learning (Sapon-Shevin 1991; Killen 2016)

1.3. RESOURCE: Thinking about the Refugee Experience

2. Teacher

2.1. POLICY: AITSL - Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

2.1.1. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING PROGRAM: The Berry Street Education Model | Berry Street Childhood Institute PROGRAM: EAL Professional learning

3. Student

3.1. STUDENT IDENTITY (microsystem factors affecting student behaviour, attitudes, motivation, etc.)

3.1.1. Trauma SUPPORT: APACS | Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools National

3.1.2. POLICY: Multicultural education In depth RESOURCE: English as an Additional Language (EAL)

3.1.3. Refugee status PROGRAM: Support for refugee students SUPPORT: Student Support Services

3.2. STUDENT CONTRIBUTION - how the student engages with his/her environment, peers and teacher, including degree to which students are empowered to have agency and voice in their learning.

3.2.1. PRACTICE GUIDE: Student agency, voice and leadership via Amplify (DET 2018)

4. Citizenship

4.1. PROGRAM: Respectful Relationships

4.2. PROGRAM: Restorative Practices – Building Repairing & Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Schools

4.3. Collaborative Class Values

5. Families

6. Professional Collaboration

6.1. Leadership

6.2. POLICY: Professional learning communities

7. Classroom Environment

7.1. -seating plans -'quiet corner' -communal space -home-like space -work displays

7.2. PROGRAM: Smiling Mind (meditation)

7.3. RESOURCE: Helping children & teens after a traumatic experience

8. Curriculum

9. Assessment

9.1. RESOURCE: Tools to Enhance Assessment Literacy | For Teachers of English as an Additional Language

9.2. RESOURCE: First Language Assessment Materials:

10. Differentiation

11. Pastoral Care


13. Stakeholders

14. DEET Department of Education and Training Victoria