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David At My Power Station by Mind Map: David At My Power Station

1. Examples of Work We've Done Our Portfolio

2. What we do: "Software"

2.1. Part-time Remote Rapid Agile Bespoke Online "Client Server" Big Screen Cloud Database Development. (Click on the Right Arrow to Drill Down for more details and an explanation of each word in this "What we do")

3. Business Vision = my belief system = my personal recipe = my formula for success

3.1. Bug Free Software

3.2. Becoming Carbon Negative

3.2.1. Truly leaving the world a better place than we found it

3.3. Removing Energy Blockages

3.4. Enhancing Energy Flows

3.5. Every complex process is made up of a sequence of simple steps. My job is to find those simple steps.

3.6. Working to make ourselves redundant = Knowledge Transfer

3.7. Working to make waste redundant

3.8. My Winning Formula

3.8.1. 1) Inquisitive

3.8.2. 2) Thorough

3.8.3. 3) Open to Change

3.9. My Motto

3.9.1. "If you don't ask, you won't know"

3.10. Author

4. Expertise

4.1. Information Scientist

4.1.1. Computer Science Degree

4.1.2. + MBA

4.1.3. + Experience

4.1.4. = Information Scientist

4.1.5. looking for: data, information, knowledge and wisdom

4.2. Software Development

4.3. Reiki Master

4.4. "Part time" Contracting and Consulting

4.5. Lay Leadership

4.6. Committees

4.6.1. Milnerton Residents Association

4.6.2. Blaauwberg Ward 4 Forum

4.7. RE Renewable Energy Power Stations

4.7.1. Micro Power

4.7.2. Off Grid

4.7.3. Grid Tie

4.7.4. Grid Tie Backup

5. Enlightenment

5.1. Mind

5.1.1. Business Thoughts (Click on the arrow to drill down) (or "hover" over the arrow for a quick look)

5.1.2. Other Thoughts People Asset Management Essays IT Essays General Essays

5.1.3. Research

5.1.4. Information

5.1.5. Resources Web Management

5.1.6. Reading

5.1.7. Social Networking

5.2. Body / Heart

5.2.1. Health

5.2.2. Gym

5.2.3. Walking

5.2.4. Blood Type Diet

5.3. Soul

5.3.1. Tikkun Jacob Forum Essays My Blog Discussion Forum

5.3.2. The Torah as an Enlightenment Toolkit

5.3.3. Energy, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing in the Bible

5.3.4. Lay Leadership

5.3.5. Marriage

6. Contact David

7. Business

8. Renewables and Sustainability (general)