Technical Skill Set

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Technical Skill Set by Mind Map: Technical Skill Set

1. Advanced

1.1. UML

1.2. Web Services

1.2.1. REST

1.2.2. SOAP/WSDL

1.3. Software Design Patterns

1.3.1. Patterns Creational Patterns Singleton Prototype Builder Factory Behavioral Patterns Observer Strategy Structural Patterns Decorator Proxy Adapter

1.3.2. Design Principles Single Responsibility Principle Open/Close Principle Liskov's Substitution Principle Interface Segregation Principle Dependency Inversion Principle

1.4. Data structures and Algorithms

2. Foundation

2.1. Version Control System (Git)

2.1.1. Compare code

2.1.2. Patch

2.1.3. Branching Model

2.1.4. Stash

2.1.5. Tag

2.1.6. Rebase/Merge

2.1.7. Commit/Pull/Push

2.1.8. Branching

2.1.9. Untitled

2.1.10. Repository

2.2. Logging

2.2.1. Logging concepts

2.2.2. Logging frameworks Log4J SLF4J Logback

2.3. Testing

2.3.1. Common Testing concepts

2.3.2. Load, Stress test tool SOAP UI Jmeter

2.3.3. Unit test Junit Mocking library Mockito PowerMock

2.3.4. Automation test Selenium Robonium

2.4. Clean Code

2.5. NoSQL

2.6. SQL

2.7. Java Script

2.7.1. Server-side JS NodeJS

2.7.2. Client-side JS Storage localStorage sessionStorage Cookies jQuery Event Handling Scripting CSS DOM manipulations the "window" object Embedding JS in HTML

2.7.3. Core JS Classes and modules Classes Prototype Constructors OOP in JS Modules Funtions Funtional programming Funtion properties, methods, constructor Closures Defining & Invoking Functions Arrays Objects in JS Object serialization Properties getter and setter Enumerating properties Deleting properties Querying and setting properties Creating Objects Statements Expression statements Compound statements Conditional statements Loops Expression & Operators JS Types, Value & Variables Numbers Text Boolean Values null vs undefined the Global Object Wrapper Objects Immutable Primitive & Mutable Object Reference Type Conversions Variable Declaration Variable Scope & Hoisting

2.8. HTML & CSS

2.8.1. HTML

2.8.2. CSS

2.9. JSP / Servlets

2.9.1. Web Application Container (Tomcat)

2.9.2. MVC Architecture

2.9.3. HTTP

2.9.4. Cookies & Session

2.9.5. Deployment Descriptor

2.9.6. Servlets

2.9.7. Servlet Filters

2.9.8. JSP

2.10. Java Core

2.10.1. Declarations and Access Control Classes Interfaces Enums Access/Non-Access modifiers

2.10.2. Object-Oriented in Java Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Abstraction Overriding/Overloading Constructor Coupling & Cohesion

2.10.3. Assignments Variables Passing variables Array Initialization blocks Wrapper & Auto-Boxing

2.10.4. Operators

2.10.5. Flow control

2.10.6. Exceptions Are checked exceptions Exceptions in java Designing with exceptions Exceptional practices

2.10.7. String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder

2.10.8. Java I/O API

2.10.9. Serialization

2.10.10. Generics

2.10.11. Java Collections API

2.10.12. Inner & Anonymous Classes

2.10.13. Concurrency In Java Java Concurrency in Practice ebook

2.10.14. Advanced Reflection Annotations Class loader

2.10.15. Memory management & Garbage collection

2.11. Programming paradigms

2.11.1. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

2.11.2. Funtional Programming (FP)

2.11.3. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)

3. JDBC Framework

4. Inversion of Control concepts and the DI pattern

5. Software Engineering

5.1. Processes

5.1.1. Agile/Scrum

5.1.2. Kanban

5.2. Practices

5.2.1. Continuous Integration (CI)

5.2.2. Continuous Delivery (CD)

5.2.3. DevOps

5.3. Design pattern

6. Frameworks & Tools

6.1. Spring & Hibernate

6.1.1. Spring Core Web MVC View Resolvers & Technologies Spring Controllers Spring MVC components DispatcherServlet Request Processing Workflow the MVC pattern Configuration XML-based Configuration Annotation-based Configuration Bean Bean Injection Bean Auto-wiring Bean Life Cycle Bean Scopes Bean Definitions Bean Factory Application Context Profiles Scopes Component-Scanning Resource Loading ContextLoaderListener & DispatcherServlet the IoC Container Spring Framework Architecture Overview

6.1.2. Spring Data JPA/Hibernate Spring Data JPA ORM concept Spring Data JPA

6.1.3. Spring Boot Convention over Configuration concept @Conditional & Autoconfiguration Spring Boot Starter Dependencies Externalize configuration Initializing a Spring Boot project with Spring Initializr

6.1.4. Spring Security Spring Security Filter Chain DelegatingFilterProxy & FilterChainProxy SecurityContextHolder Customize UserDetailsService Custom AuthenticationProvider Custom Authorization

6.2. Maven

6.2.1. POM

6.2.2. Dependencies exclude scope show dependencies diagram resolve conflict Dependency Management Effect priority

6.2.3. Build life cycle

6.2.4. Build profiles

6.2.5. Plug-ins

6.2.6. Repositories

6.2.7. Build & Test project

6.2.8. Archetype

6.3. Angular JS

6.3.1. Angular

6.3.2. W3School

6.4. Twitter Bootstrap

6.5. NodeJS

6.6. Jenkins (CI/CD)

6.7. IDE

6.8. JAXB